Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Duplex twist ending

Danny Devito's The Duplex (2003) is a comedy starring Ben Stiller and Drew Barrymore. This American Dream come true theme turns into a nightmare and this calls for drastic measures. Alex Rose (Ben Stiller) and Nancy Kendricks (Drew Barrymore) move into their dream home and they life begins to fall apart. One person keeps this couple from living their perfect life together in a fabulous duplex in New York City.

The Duplex features a twist ending that is tightly woven. Most viewers didn't suspect this twist until the exact moment this payoff played on the screen. If you haven't watched The Duplex yet, then avoid reading the twist ending below.

***Spoiler Alert***

Alex Rose and Nancy Kendricks purchase an amazing duplex in an eloquent neighborhood in New York City. Alex is an author, whereas Nancy works in publishing. There is one catch in this perfect beginning; the older woman who lives above and in their duplex is needy and irritating. 

The old woman is impossible to please. No matter how hard this couple tries to meet their landlord obligations, this old woman manages to overcome every obstacle put in her path. She causes a disbalance, eventually influencing this couple to get rid of her. However, the old woman is like an indestructible German tank unwilling to accept defeat. 

Alex and Nancy practically lose their jobs. They hire a hitman to murder the old woman, but the extermination plan is wrecked and this practically cost them to lose everything they own. Then, a fire breaks out and Alex chooses to save the old woman he and Nancy wanted so badly dead.  

The real estate agent finalized the deal. He convinces the couple to say goodbye to the old woman. When the real estate agent and couple see the old woman, she is sitting in the chair lifeless. The real estate agent checks her pulse and confirms she is dead.

Alex and Nancy have this disgusted look planted on their faces. The timing of her death was terrible. They could have retained the duplex, instead of losing out a bundle selling it early. 

The couple discuss the old woman, wondering if she's in heaven. They seem to put their hatred aside to honor this old woman. 

In the twist ending, the old woman is still alive. She is having dinner with her son and his policeman boyfriend, who terrorized the couple. On the mantle, we see a wedding photo on the mantle along with many others. We learn that these three people duped many couples to sell the duplex. It is a recurring theme for couples to purchase the duplex, and then sell once they couldn't take the torture anymore. 

The end. 


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Insidious Chapter 2 twist ending

Insidious Chapter 2 has a twist ending. It is a quick twist to leave the door open. If you didn't watch Insidious Chapter 2 yet, avoid the twist ending below.

***Spoiler Alert***

What is the twist ending for Insidious? The twist ending occurs in the last scene in which Elise walks into the home of an accident victim and is drawn to an entity that resides behind this injured woman. Based on Elise's shocking look, we believe the entity is the red-faced demon from the original Insidious movie. 

This twist ending washes away the happy ending we think screenwriter Leigh Whannell is attempting to give us. James Wan does a great job hiding the discovery to wrap Insidious Chapter 2 up with an open ending. In this last scene, Elise's facial expression conveys to us that this red-faced demon will be back in the third Insidious installment.   

The twist ending is making us believe the Lambert family is finally safe. But for the most part, another entity or the red-faced demon is preying on the next soul to reach and possess Dalton. Enjoy watching Insidious Chapter 2!