Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Insidious twist ending

Last year's horror hit featured a shocking twist ending. The Insidious movie plot is about a young child whose astral projection binges cause him to get stuck into a subplane in another alternate dimension. In result, evil spirits haunt the home and a red-faced demon preys on the young boy's unoccupied physical body.

***Spoiler Alert***  

The Insidious twist ending is never expected. Josh's astral form is close to making it back into his physical body. He confronts the old woman that caused him night terrors as a child. The evil old woman grins at Josh like she will have the last laugh. 

Josh shouts at the old woman to leave him alone. In a matter of seconds, Josh returns into his physical body. Renai and Josh's mother attended to Dalton. 

Elise and Josh are alone in the living room. Josh tells Elise he will no longer need the photo. He passed the photo to Elise. Elise senses there is something obviously wrong with Josh. She pulls out a camera and flashes a picture of Josh.

Thus, Elise shockingly reacts to the image. Josh goes into rage. He chokes the living daylights out of Elise, telling her why she would do that - to take the picture. 

Renai enters the room to find Elise dead. She views the camera screen, finding an old woman in the frame instead of Josh. Josh grabs Renai's shoulder. Renai sighs in disbelief. 

The Insidious twist ending conveys the transformation. This evil old woman spirit waited for Josh to astral project again. In The Astral Hell of the subplanes, astral beings have all the time in the world to wait. 

The old woman possessed Josh's physical body prior to his reentry. She already reached Josh in his childhood years. Therefore, the old woman completed the full possession in the latter years. The Insidious twist ending shocks the movie audience since they anticipate everything will turn out good. 

The Insidious twist ending ties up the loose ends to make for one clever movie ending. Hence, the old woman's spirit is reborn in Josh's body. She possessed him, now becoming a part of the world again. 

This is one horror movie twist ending that leaves the moviegoer thinking about astral projection, possession, and evil spirits. Insidious does an excellent job in tricking the moviegoer with the twist ending. 

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