Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sixth Sense twist ending

The Sixth Sense movie has one of the best twist endings ever. We watch the entire movie, never realizing Malcolm's obstacles throughout the movie plot. The Sixth Sense is one of those awesome horror movies with a twist ending moviegoers enjoy most. The twist ending caught the movie audience off-guard, especially when a series of flashbacks reveal the truth about Malcolm's existence.  

***Spoiler Alert***

M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense features the best twist ending in movie history. The moviegoer never expects the twist ending to reveal that Malcolm is a ghost. Throughout the course of the movie, Malcolm helps Cole to overcome his "I see dead people" problem. 

In the resolution, Cole tells Malcolm to communicate with his wife while she is sleeping. Up until this point in time, Malcolm has no knowledge of his existence. Malcolm finally applies Cole's advice, speaking to his wife in her sleeping state. 

Anna is deeply saddened. A cold fog dispels from her mouth. Anna's soft lips quiver. With her eyes still closed, Anna asks Malcolm why he left her. Malcolm informs Anna he never left. His wedding band drops to the floor. He inspects his ring finger. There is no ring present. 

It is then Malcolm realizes that he is no longer a part of the living world. The Sixth Sense twist ending treats the movie audience to a major revelation - Malcolm died after gunshot wound. 

Anna is having a tough time coping with the death of her husband. Malcolm's presence is soothing her wounded heart, providing her the warmth she needs to recover.  

The very next day after Malcolm's death, the ghost psychologist helps Cole to face his sixth sense gift. Malcolm and Cole work together as a team to solve a murder case. 

As a result of the newfound relationship, Cole is no longer frightened of his ability to see dead people. Malcolm eventually learns the truth about his real existence. 

The Sixth Sense twist ending is ranked as one of the best movies with a twist. We never expect the twist ending to activate our emotions. In the end, Malcolm is ready to move into the light with closure.