Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sleepaway Camp (1983) Twist Ending

Sleepaway Camp (1983) features one of the best twist endings in horror movies. Several camp attendees are murdered throughout the film, though we never discover the true identity of the actual killer until the movie ending. This is one twist ending you'll never forget.

***Spoiler Alert*** 

The young Angela integrated herself into the camp quite well. We could identify her as an instrumental part of the camp. However, Angela is revealed at the end to be the camp killer. Even more shocking, Angela is sporting a penis because she is a dude.

The mother raised Angela as a girl. Nonetheless, Angela's real name is Peter. Peter never realizes he is a boy. Thus, Angela experiences an identity crisis at the camp. The suppressed rage attributed to Peter's gender switch could've sent the confused Angela spiraling out of control.

The two adolescents are shocked to see Angela standing there with a knife, next to a decapitated head of another male camp member. With this twist ending, moviegoers hung out on the edge of their seats.

Angela makes a creepy Jack Nicholson The Shining face, an annoying hissing sound what we deem as coming from a psychotic person, and is revealed to be packing wood in an identity crisis reserved for film theory discussions.

This slasher film throws a curve ball with this twist ending, smacking the movie audience on the head with Angela's wood reveal. Seriously, Sleepaway Camp's movie ending is arguable one of the best twist endings in a low budget horror movie.

The moviegoer never expects to see a female killer packing wood. Angela is one scary ass killer who looks psycho as hell. In Sleepaway Camp, the movie audience is treated to a major twist ending that changes the entire movie plot through revealing the penis on a character mistaken as a girl.

Essentially, Angela knowingly thinks she is a girl, but in fact her true roots stick out in plain sight. Watch the video to see what many think is one of the best horror movie twist endings. Sleepaway Camp (1983) movie ending is indeed a shocker to most horror movie fans.



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