Monday, February 27, 2012

Top 20 Horror Movies with Twist Endings

Do you enjoy watching movies with a twist? The best horror movies with twist endings add depth to the movie plot. We like to analyze good movie endings. Good horror movies with twist endings create a worthwhile movie experience. Want to know the top 20 horror movies with twist endings?

The best twist endings tie up the loose ends. We think back to the setup to connect the dots. The Saw movies use twist endings to explain the plot. For the most part, horror movies with twist endings make moviegoers think long after the initial viewing.

The top 20 horror movies with twist endings: 

  1. The Sixth Sense
  2. Psycho (1960)
  3. The Devil's Advocate
  4. Silent Hill (2006)
  5. Scream movies
  6. The Others
  7. Saw movies
  8. Seven
  9. The Woman in Black
  10. The Last Exorcism
  11. The Uninvited
  12. Identity
  13. I Know You Did Last Summer 
  14. Fallen
  15. The Ruins
  16. Urban Legends
  17. The Ring
  18. The Skeleton Key 
  19. A Nightmare on Elm Street 
  20. The Thing (2011) 


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