Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Book of Eli twist ending

The Book of Eli is a post-apocalyptic movie. There is a major plot twist that changes the entire movie. If you haven't watched The Book of Eli movie yet, beware that you will view major spoilers.

***Major Spoilers***

Eli and Solara travel to the West Coast without The Bible. At Alcatraz in San Francisco, it is revealed that Eli is blind. The twist ending is that Carnegie discovers The Bible is in braille. Since the blind Claudia's daughter Solara is missing, she tells Carnegie that she can't read braille. 

The braille Bible reveals that Eli is blind. He memorized the entire Bible, which he recites to an Alcatraz member to create a new edition. The Book of Eli twist ending is Eli's blindness. 

The moviegoers never realized that Eli was blind because he handled himself quite well. He shot an arrow with precision, carried around a Bible he reads daily, and fights with extreme precision. We also never see the inside of The Bible. The braille Bible is a major plot twist. In light of the braille Bible, the moviegoers discover that Eli is blind.

The Book of Eli twist ending is disclosed until the reveal. Carnegie risks the life of his men and himself to retrieve a braille Bible. His previous actions deny him the opportunity to use The Bible. The twist ending is none the less Eli's blindness that is never revealed until the movie ending.      

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