Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Devil Inside twist ending

The Devil Inside generated $34.5 million in box office ticket sales in the first week of 2012. Nonetheless, the exorcism movie featured a horrible twisting ending which could possibly be the worst ever. The producer, director/screenwriter and co-writer assume the movie ending would be innovative.

As a result, The Devil Inside twist ending made a mockery of the horror movie genre. This twist ending analysis explores The Devil Inside twist ending. If you haven't watched The Devil Inside movie, then beware of movie spoilers. This article is my interpretation of the twist ending in the exorcism movie.

***Spoiler Alert***

At the hospital, Father Ben and Michael are in complete shock. In the previous scene, Father David blew his head off with the police officer's pistol. Ben and Michael then watched Isabella Rossi have a seizure. 

Isabella goes crazy and slices another woman's neck. She begins to bend her body backwards, obviously revealing she is possessed by her mother's demons. We never know the true identity of the demons. 

Ben calls another Father to help him to perform an exorcism. The moviegoing public are excited about the final exorcism most expect in exorcism movies. It is the moment we have been waiting to watch since The Rite movie. Most exorcism movies feature the best movie endings. 

Michael is frantically driving the car. Ben is watching Isabella in the back seat. Michael is shaken up, telling Ben he is shocked about what happened to the lady in the hospital room. They believe the woman is going to die. Isabella begins to speak in demon tongues. 

All of a sudden, Isabella chokes Michael. Ben pulls Isabella off Michael. The twist ending is Michael becomes possessed, It seems that Isabella transfered the demons to Michael. 

Michael removes his seat belt. He is ready to do something drastic. Ben is restraining Isabella the best he can, but never expects Michael to slam into another vehicle. 

Ben, Isabella and Michael are tossed around inside the car like action figures. We see them spinning around, unable to survive such a horrific crash. The twist ending is ending the movie without resolving the possession of Isabella. 

Ben, Isabella and MIchael die in the car accident. The case remains open to this day. Of course, The Devil Inside movie is a fake horror movie which is sloppy filmmaking. Compared to The Last Exorcism movie, the Devil Inside movie is a lazy exorcist movie with poor storytelling. 

The twist ending is executed as a marketing ploy to entice the moviegoers to visit The Rossi Files website. This exorcism movie features one of the worst twist endings ever. It is the worst decision hook the moviegoers with what they presume is the final exorcism to exorcise the four demons. 

Thus, we are treated to a horrible movie ending, The twist ending backfired on Paramount because the exorcism movie lost major box office business in the weeks to follow. It didn't take long for the bad word-of-mouth to get around. 

The Devil Inside twist ending frustrated the moviegoing public. We expected to watch a super movie ending. However, the poor execution throughout the fake documentary demonstrated that moviegoers are much more intelligent then the movie studio and the filmmakers make them out to be. 

A twist ending in an exorcism movie with no resolution (no last exorcism and or identifying the demons) is horrible filmmaking. The twist ending in The Last Exorcism movie is excellent, conveying an evil account of demonic possession that gives the moviegoer nightmares long after the initial viewing. 

The Devil Inside is a pile of exorcism crap with a horrible movie ending. The twist ending is unlike most horror movies. The filmmakers didn't care enough to respect the audience. In essence, The Devil Inside twist ending will future film halls with discussions about the worst twist ending in movies. 

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