Saturday, March 3, 2012

Devil twist ending

John Erick Dowdle's The Devil movie features a good twist ending that is rather shocking. We never expect the movie ending to twist the movie plot in another direction. If you haven't watched the Devil movie, then stop reading this twist ending assessment now.

***Movie Spoiler***

The Devil twist ending is consistent with most M. Night Shyamalan movies. The moviegoer is always treated to a twist ending. Most moviegoers identify M. Night as Mr. Twist Ending.  

Essentially, M. Night sponsored the Devil movie because his star power is capable of propelling a new movie into blockbuster status. The Devil movie features a frightening twist ending which ties up all loose ends in the plot design. We see the Devil movie as a homage to M. Night's movies.  

Detective Bowden's wife and son died in an explained car accident four years prior. Bowden watches the events in the elevator from the security control room. 

The Mechanic (Logan Marshall Green) is the last person to survive in the elevator. Every elevator occupant died in a mysterious way. Thus, the characters are sinful humans that alerted the devil. 

The twist ending in the Devil movie is the old woman (Jenny O'Hara) resurrecting herself as the Devil in flesh. The devil speaks through the old woman, telling the Mechanic that he is ready to take the sinful young man. 

The Devil rises up with dark eyes. Most moviegoers will find a Devil sighting as an eerie scene in any movie. The Mechanic is imaginably frightened. He admits to his past sin, confessing a car accident that killed two people. The Mechanic leaves a note on the car to say he was so sorry. 

Bowden begins to believe Ramirez's Devil claim. It is one day that is very odd. Everything wrong resides inside the elevator, packed with sinful people who could care less about others. In the twist ending, the Devil frightens the Mechanic enough to make him change. 

Bowden escorts the Mechanic to jail. He reveals his anger to the wrongdoer, but then forgives the man for killing his wife and son. The twist ending is show that forgiving another person can keep hate from manifesting inside. 

Hate is the root of evil. The Devil twist ending shocks the moviegoer with revealing the Devil in the flesh. The old woman is basically a decoy, a human shell that carries the Devil. The elevator occupant are sinners whose souls belong with the Devil. Nonetheless, the Mechanic confesses his sin and defeats the Devil in the process. 

The Devil twist ending is satisfying. The twist ending answers the movie plot questions. In the Devil movie, the plot twist exposes the sinners to deal out the ultimate movie ending. Bowden learns the truth about his wife and son. 

The movie twist ending reveals the Devil in flesh taking sinful souls. Nevertheless, one person is saved after confessing his sin and asking for forgiveness. Detective Bowden forgives the person who killed his wife and son in a car accident. The Devil loses the battle to take all sinful souls.