Sunday, March 4, 2012

Final Destination 5 twist ending

Final Destination 5 is the last movie in the Final Destination franchise. We notice a major twist ending in the metaphysical movie about death. If you haven't watched Final Destination 5 yet, beware that this movie ending spoiler features major spoilers.

***Major Spoilers***

Sam stabs his good friend Peter in the back (no pun intended) to save his girlfriend Molly from what would've been another disastrous ending for the former The Walking Dead cast member. 

Sam accepts Agent Jim Block's life to abandon his fate. Supposedly, the person who is destined to die can live if they kill another person. However, Sam never intentionally killed Agent Block. Peter planned to kill Molly to take her life. 

The twist ending begins in the next scene. Peter and Molly are ready to take their much awaited flight to Paris. Sam accepted a cook internship in Paris. The two defied death to survive another day. 

Sam struggles with the overhead compartment on their seat side. Therefore, Sam loads the bag in the compartment adjacent to their seating. The flight attendant secures the overhead department above Sam and Molly's seat. 

The twist ending is now obvious. Young combative adolescents are removed from the airplane. We notice American Pie's Stiffler walking with he group. Alex and Carter are being restrained. Claire also follows because she feels a connection to what Alex is experiencing. 

Seeing the Final Destination characters, hearing the eerie song, and the flight attendant mentioning the kid had a vision confirmed the twist all along. We are watching a prequel to Final Destination. Sam and Molly are flying on Flight 180, the doomed flight that crashed in New York City in the Final Destination (2000) movie. 

Sam views his flight ticket, which shows the 2000 date as consistent with the Final Destination movie released in 2000. This is one plane Sam and Molly should've avoided. Every unfortunate event pointed the couple away from taking this flight. The plane's wing catches fire, creating intense pressure in the cabin. 

The side of the plane blows open to suck out several people, including Molly. Molly smashes into the wing to combust into many bloody pieces. Once the explosion ignites the entire plane, Sam dies. The fiery debris project into the ocean. We see another take on the real events in the Final Destination plane crash. 

Even more disturbing is the fact that Nathan accepted Roy's life. The company performed an autopsy to discover Roy's impending brain aneurysm. As a result, Roy was expected to die prior to actually dying in Nathan's place. The engine from the airplane dropped into the bar to crush Nathan into pulp.     

If you want to watch Final Destination movies in sequential order: 
  1. Final Destination 5
  2. Final Destination
  3. Final Destination 2
  4. Final Destination 3
  5. The Final Destination 
The twist ending in Final Destination 5 is that it's a prequel to Final Destination. Sam and Molly are flying on flight 180, the plane that crashes in Final Destination (2000). The Final Destination plot design is arranged in sequential order from Final Destination 5 to The Final Destination.

The twist ending clues are removing the adolescents from the plane, the flight attendant mentioning the kid having a vision and the plane ticket showing us a 2000 date. As in most Final Destination movies, a relevant song plays to alert the main character of their demise. 

The Final Destination 5 twist ending is catchy since we never expect the movie to be a prequel. Nonetheless, the reversed 180 on the restaurant and the Paris internship point to the twist ending.