Thursday, March 22, 2012

Identity twist ending

Identity delivers one of the best movie twist endings. Most moviegoers never anticipate the twist until the movie ending. If you haven't watched the Identity movie yet, then beware that we will be discussing the twist ending.

Identity of a psychological horror thriller about a serial killer suffering from multiple personality disorder. As a result, the murderer whose scheduled to be put to death has stay of execution.

***Spoiler Alert***

The Identity twist ending is when Ed (John Cusack) is viewed as the murderer in the hot seat. In essence, Malcolm Rivers (Pruitt Taylor Vance) takes on the personalities of every character in his imaginary world. The young boy is Malcolm as a child. 

The Identity twist ending is not revealed until the moviegoers see Ed as Malcolm. Malcolm assumes his identity is Ed, and that his face is not his own. Hence, Malcolm can shift from one personality to another without knowing his true identity. 

The characters in the motel are extensions of Malcolm's personalities. However, Malcolm murdered several motel occupants. In Malcolm's imaginary world, he created identical birthdays to show the connection between the characters. The plot point conveys that mental disorders such as dissociative identity disorder and personality disorders represent the source of the murders. 

In the Identity twist ending, the young boy personality is the most dangerous. It is possible that Malcolm's mind is that of a child of he experiment trauma in his childhood that caused him to become a killer. The twist ending is similar to detective stories - putting the clue together to solve the murder case. 

Most moviegoers assumed an actual murderer committed the murders. However, the twist ending revealed the severe mental disorder that caused Malcolm to commit the murders. Identity twist ending is one of the most recognized movies with a twist.