Saturday, March 31, 2012

Intruders twist ending

Intruders is a psychological thriller about a young boy and a pre-teen girl who both experience the same nightmares with Hollowface. Clive Owen plays the father of the pre-teen girl. The Intruders psychological movie has a twist ending which changes the entire movie plot.

If you haven't watched Intruders yet, avoid reading the following content.

***Movie spoilers***

The Intruders twist ending explains the movie plot design. In the film ending, John Farrow (Clive Owen) is revealed as the tormented little boy having real life nightmares with Hollowface. The traumatic experience took place many years ago, though the story cuts back and forth between the past and the present.

In the future, we watch John and his daughter deal with Hollowface. The Intruders twist ending conveyed that John is the young boy who created an imaginary Hollowface. Therefore, Hollowface is actually John's father.

When John's father dies while attempting to kidnap John, he falls off the balcony to his death. The father sinks into the dirt surrounding the construction site, thus the mom chooses to not report the accident to the authorities.

We learn in the twist ending that John's mother disclosed the truth of his father to protect him. John wrote the Hollowface story as a child to deal with the post traumatic stress disorder which he experienced on the night he father died.

John helps his daughter to defeat the Hollowface character he created many years ago. The psychological movie seemed over-the-top up until the twist ending revealed the truth about Hollowface, the monster John invented to suppress his trauma.

Intruders is a good psychological thriller disguised as a paranormal movie to hook the movie audience. We believe Hollowface to be real, or at least demons trying to possess the two children. In the twist ending, the boy is revealed to be the daughter's father and his story is what caused the connection between the two to create hallucinations. Great twist ending to change the movie premise.


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