Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rec 2 twist ending

Rec 2 is a demonic possession movie set in Spain. The Rec 2 twist ending will explain the original Rec movie. Moviegoers who enjoy demon movies will notice that Rec 2 resembles the Quarantine movies, but is obviously a movie with a twist.

If you haven't watched Rec 2 yet, beware that movie spoilers are revealed below. Read the Rec 2 twist ending at your own risk.

***Major Spoilers***

                          ***Rec 2 Twist Ending***

In the Rec 2 twist ending, the medical officer Dr. Owen is already known to be an exorcist/priest the Vatican sent to contain the situation. The Church is interested in saving the world from the Devil.  

Dr. Owens orders are to not avert from the plan until he can take a blood sample from the girl who started the demonic possession. The possession spreads throughout the apartment building via bite wounds and bodily fluids. 

The major twist ending in the Rec 2 movie is the main identity of the demon. It is revealed that female reporter Angela Vidal is now the main demon. She orders Dr. Owen to authorize their release. 

Dr. Owens refuses to give the command since he now realizes the woman in indeed possessed. We watch a flashback scene in which a large mass enters Angela's mouth. 

The Rec 2 twist ending conveys the possessed Angela authorizes herself to get released using Dr. Owens voice. The demon can imitate any voice. Therefore, the Rec 2 twist ending establishes the backstory and explains the truth behind the virus and the missing female reporter from Rec. 

Angela is the main carrier of the demon virus. She will be released out of the quarantine to possibly spread evil. Angela's imitates Dr. Owens voice to release one survivor, and that he will stay behind. The flashback scene from the previous Rec movie shows the demon entering Angela's mouth. 

Rec 2 twist ending is frightening. The infected demon woman can now possess the generic public. The demonic possession is disguised as a virus to trick the city. 

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