Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sucker Punch twist ending

The Sucker Punch twist ending is clever. We already know that Babydoll utilizes astral projection techniques to escape the horror of the mental institution. The plot design conveys to the moviegoer that everything viewed is an alternate reality to devise a twist ending.

If you haven't watched Sucker Punch yet, beware that major spoilers will give away the movie ending.

***Major Spoilers***

***Sucker Punch twist ending***

Sucker Punch is a metaphysical movie with a twist ending which resembles Shutter Island. The Sucker Punch twist ending is that Babydoll devises a plan to help Sweet Pea escape the mental institution. 

The resolution in the third act leads the moviegoers to put together the clues. Babydoll astral projects multiple times to engage the institutionalized girls in her fantasy. If the moviegoers watched the girls operate in reality, then Sucker Punch would have been rather boring. 

The Sucker Punch twist ending reveals to the moviegoing public that Babydoll planned the escape to help the strongest girl leave the mental institution. The story is never about Babydoll's journey. Therefore, the twist ending shows the doctor performing a lobotomy on Babydoll to end her fantasy.

Sweet Pea manages to escape the mental institution, meeting the Wise Man in Babydoll's fantasy world. We consider the fantasy world an astral world and or the astral plane. Sweet Pea doesn't recognize the Wise Man because Babydoll somehow creates highly intellectual fantasies. 

The Sucker Punch twist ending is that everyone helped Sweet Pea escape the mental institution. Babydoll does stab Blue in the neck, starts a fire, and also create a club scene which the mental patients and herself are female dancers. Once out of reality, the moviegoer recognizes the workers as part of the reality. Babydoll astral projected into the astral worlds to escape mental pain.

The Sucker Punch twist ending conveys a fantasy world to cover up a dark world. Babydoll sacrificed her sanity to save another stronger girl to leave a place she doesn't belong. In the twist ending, the characters in the fantasy are created to explain the plot design through astral projection techniques.

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