Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Thing (2011) twist ending

The recent The Thing (2011) movie is supposedly a remake of the 1982 John Carpenter horror classic. In the newest The Thing, the twist ending reveals otherwise, that we are watching the plot unfold into a clever  movie with a twist. If you haven't watched The Thing (2011), please beware the ending will be revealed.

***Movie Spoiler***

The Thing (2011) features a clever twist ending. Kate and Sam leave the spaceship. They destroyed what they think is left of the Alien virus. Sam enters the vehicle. He waits for Kate to get into the vehicle too. 

Kate surveys Sam, hesitating to sit beside him in the snow vehicle. She tells him about how she knew he was human. On the way to the spaceship, Kate looks at Sam's earring and smiles. 

The Thing is unable to replicate any metal objects. Sam must've been infected inside the spaceship. He touches the wrong ear, definitely revealing to the moviegoer he is no longer Sam. 

Kate apologizes to Sam. She torches him alive. Sam's human shell and The Thing burn. We assume kills the remaining Alien virus. 

Back at camp, a helicopter lands on the ground. The pilot calls out for camp members. Lars, who we thought died, frantically runs outside. He is acting hysterical, telling the pilot they must go after the dog. 

The same Husky dog is featured in the opening sequence to the original The Thing (1982). The Thing (2011) twist ending conveys to us that we are watching a prequel to the original movie. 

Lars and the pilot will continue to shoot at the dog carrying the Alien Virus. Eventually, the helicopter will crash. The dog will make it into another camp to infect everyone except for a few characters, with one being Kurt Russell. 

The Thing (2011) twist ending is that this movie is a prequel to the original horror classic released in 1982. Every event leads us up to the ending, and then another round of Alien infestations in The Thing (1982). 

The camp is later visited in The Thing (1982) movie. The Thing (2011) twist ending is obvious to horror movie fans who watched The Thing (1982) version. 

The Thing (2011) is a great movie with a twist ending we never expected until the dog comes running out and Lars and the helicopter go after the Alien virus. Thus, the plot makes sense that this Alien virus can infect any living host.         

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