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The Woman in Black ending explained

The Woman in Black movie ending is ambiguous to many moviegoers. The metaphysical movie features the best twist ending to tie up all loose ends. Do you want a quick ending spoiler to The Woman in Black movie to explain the ending? The Woman in Black movie executes a clever movie ending.

***Movie Spoiler***

Arthur returns the woman in black's son to the estate. Hence, the woman in black reclaims her son's spirit. Everything is supposed to turn out good in the movie ending. Arthur is excited to see his son Joseph at the train station.

Back at the estate, the woman in black echoes that she will never forgive. We learn the woman in black is a malevolent spirit on a vengeance to kill all children in the small town. She will never rest until her evil deed is done - to make the town pay for her son's death.

The woman in black's spirit is present at the train station. Joseph wonders away from his father, walking on the deadly train tracks with an incoming train quickly approaching. Arthur realizes Joseph is gone. He races to the train tracks to save his son. The movie audience is on the edge of their seats.

The train passes by with out any sign of Arthur and Joseph. Mr. Daily sees the woman in black and children souls projecting on the train windows. His previous anti-superstitious behavior is no longer keeping him from the truth. The previous children are trapped in the woman in black's web.

Arthur and Joseph are relieved to have survived the wrath of the train. But for the most part, the train station is pitch dark without any living people in the vicinity. Arthur and Joseph died in the train collision. Their spirits entered the subplanes of the astral plane, another dimension to the physical world.

The first sign of the afterlife is the dark, lifeless train station. Thus, the Angel wife/mother appears on the train tracks. Joseph asks his father who is that woman? Arthur approaches the woman in white. He tells his son that the woman is his mother.

Joseph happily smiles at his mother since this is the first time he meets her. As we know from the flashbacks, Stella dies shortly after giving birth to Joseph. Arthur and Joseph follow Stella down the pathway to Heaven.

The woman in black watches on with what we assume is melancholy and happiness. Nonetheless, the woman in black is unable to claim Joseph's soul. Arthur saved Joseph's spirit through sacrificing his life. If Arthur allowed Joseph to die on the train tracks alone, Joseph would have fallen into the woman in black's web.

The Woman in Black ending is merely an allegory to explain that enabling hate to manifest can lead a person down an evil path. A person is capable of harming another through taking vengeance. Humans who die violently and with hatred are exposed to pure evil within The Astral Hell of the subplanes.

Arthur doesn't commit suicide. He wants to save Joseph from the oncoming train. In the previous plot points, we learn that Arthur is still mourning his wife's death. The train collision deliver Arthur and Joseph to Stella. The woman in black has a magical movie ending with a twist.

The twist ending conveys the reuniting process between family members. Furthermore, the twist ending makes the moviegoer reflect back on the major plot points to close the ending. The movie plot is about vengeance attributed to losing a loved one. In a way, Arthur regrets losing his wife.

As a result, Arthur let his life slip into quicksand. The woman in black's curse helps Arthur to cope with his wife's death. In the movie twist ending, the woman in black loses the battle. Arthur and Joseph are reunited with Stella in the afterlife. The woman in black can never harm Joseph.

The twist ending explains The Woman in Black's movie plot rather well. The metaphysical movie shows Arthur and Joseph reach the afterlife. The father/husband and son reunite with Stella - the wife and mother. We see a happy family ready to walk down the heavenly train tracks into the gates of Heaven.

Meanwhile, the woman in black's hatred disrupts her evil plan to take Arthur's son. Her essential goal is to harm Arthur emotionally with taking his son. The woman in black wants to spread grief across the small town. The Woman in Black's movie twist ending explained the motivation behind the movie plot.

***This article is my interpretation of The Woman in Black movie. We can analyze the movie many different ways, so be creative to investigate motifs, allegories, themes, and the writer and director's intentions. Thanks for reading.***                

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  1. is this your guess or do you know this is what happened from the book and the screenwriters intentions?

  2. This is based on my film degree program from UCSB's film theory as well as my previous experience in writing about film and analyzing movies (18 years). Motifs and allegories are interwoven into The Woman in Black movie plot.

    I write screenplays often, so as a writer, I can see the themes resonating in the film. In my opinion, the movie plot is straightforward. The ending explains the twist through motifs and allegory.

    If you want to read more of my reviews, I also prepared several on

    Plot Spoiler

    The articles are nonetheless my perception of what the The Woman in Black film is trying to convey to the moviegoer. The Woman in Black movie is open for interpretation, as dreams are in our sleeping state.

    The screenwriter may interpret the book in the different manner from the author. We see it often in movies. I can read the book and determine that different plot points convey emotional structure in dramatic structure.

    Thanks for the comment. I plan to keep expanding Twist Endings and Plot Spoiler. Please visit again. Thanks again

    1. I noticed in the movie that in a picture, the parent's eyes were scratched out but not the child's. I wondered if there was significance in this, although by the end I saw nothing to implicate any relevance.

    2. Those weren't the parents that was the women in black sister and husband who took her kid from her.

    3. The significance is the woman in black is punishing parents for not keeping an eye on their children. All death scenarios, albeit some one-sided, could have been avoided by a) the parents watching their kids or b) by sacrificing themselves for their kids. Hence all the YOU COULD HAVE SAVED HIM references.

  3. isnt it possible your over analyzing this and the ending is just the woman in blacks fu*ked up way of paying him back since he helped her reunite her family so this is the only way she could do the same for him

    1. This is what I thought. Her expression looked oddly satisfied. I think she knew Arthur would follow his son to the tracks, and she did it to reunite him with his family.

    2. however she did say i will not forgive which kinda leads us to think she did not have good intentions

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I saw it as this...

      Woman has child stolen by sister. Sister lets child die when she could have saved him, even if it meant self sacrifice. Woman becomes an evil spirit out for revenge on the town because they let both the child stealing and death happen. Woman collects the souls of children by luring them to into death scenarios but allows an 'out', usually by prevention through more vigilant parenting or self sacrifice. If everything isn't done to save the child, game over, the woman in black gets the soul and it can't move on.

  4. In my opinion, I don't think so. Arthur looks distraught throughout the movie. He essentially gave up after his wife passed. I believe his home was unpaid - the note was shown in the bag.

    The woman in black is a malevolent evil spirit like the Insidious movie. These types of people remain in purgatory for all of eternity. The Astral hell of the subplanes is a place that creates evil spirits such as the woman in black.

    This twist ending opposes the conventional ending of resolving the woman in black's hatred and curse. Subconsciously, Arthur is exactly like the NIcholas Cage character in Knowing. They both probably lost hope until they realized there is something greater than their existence out there. Both were single fathers.

    The woman in black doesn't care. Her goal is to kill children. We see violent spirits often in horror movies. They will never stop wreaking havoc on the living. The Skeleton Key and Dead Silence are similar movie themes.

    The twist ending is about reuniting Arthur and his son with the mom/wife. Arthur wanted this, but probably couldn't reach his wife since his main responsibility is to care for his son. It would be selfish of him to commit suicide. After Arthur witness the woman in black curse, he probably realized that both evil and good actually exist.

    In the twist ending, Arthur and the son are definitely happy to be reunited with the mother/wife. The woman in black will never be happy. Her motivation is to create pain. However, she lost the battle in the end.

    Arthur possibly wanted the final result - to be reunited with his wife. Even better, Joseph could meet his mom for the first time.

    I doubt there is any payback in the movie ending. The woman in black planned to kill Joseph like she's done to the previous children. Arthur did what any parent would do - he attempted to save his son. The two happened to die in the process.

    The woman in black will never have what Arthur has again. She is stuck between the physical and spiritual world. It is up to her to break the curse. THe woman in black still hates everyone. In allowing hate to manifest, an evil spirit will continue on their quest to take souls. Thanks.

    1. OMG!! i have never seen someone who loves to hear themselves talk as much as Astral Writer does.. just STFU already. your ramblings make my head pound...

  5. I didnt mean payback, I meant that the woman in black was thankful for getting her son back and wanted to help them,that was her only way of repaying the favor,,,,to kill them, she led joseph onto the traintrack b because she knew arthur would follow. "These types of people remain in purgatory for all of eternity. The Astral hell of the subplanes is a place that creates evil spirits...." this is all complete speculation. We have no idea if this is whats going on, we also have know idea if she "lost the battle" she could finally ne content now that she has her family and repaid the debt or she could very well go on terrorizing the town. I think you should state that this is your idea/guess/theory/ etc. on what you think happened, not necessarily what the author of the book or screenplay intended. He could have, could have intended something completely different, or had no idea himself and left it completly open for interpretation by the viewer/reader.One thing I thought weird was when arthur laid her child out on the bed and the woman in black comes screeching twoards the child, hyou hear in the background the child say, " NOOOOOO, your not my mother!!!" Any thoughts?

  6. The woman in black made it known that she would never forgive in the ending. She planned to kill Joseph like the other children. I disagree that she wanted to help repay the favor.

    This film could be interpreted a number of different ways. The average moviegoer would be unable to comprehend a complex plot with an evil ghost displaying emotion to help another human live a happy life. In A Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy Kruger never cares about his victims.

    The Astral Hell of the subplanes is depicted as one of the seven subplanes that make up the astral plane. Evil spirits reside there, with some being capable of leaving to enter the physical world as an evil entity.

    My articles on most of websites, including Exorcism Movies
    are based on opinion rather than the screenwriters intentions. Sometimes the screenwriter is not as intelligent as we make them out to be in their writing. On the opposing side, the screenwriters are extremely intelligent such as in scripts with complex plot designs:

    1) Memento
    2) Slumdog Millionaire
    3) The Sixth Sense
    4) Pulp Fiction
    5) Knowing
    and other movies.

    In film theory, there are many discussions that analyze Hitchcock's old films. Hence, most assume Hitchcock used the three rules, motifs and allegories to construct his films. Some claim one of Roman Polanski's early films involving two men carrying around a piano serves as a political allegory. Feminist theorists assume every movie, even Aliens, conveys feminist themes. The case of the missing mother syndrome and various other themes resonate to analyze films.

    Even though I have a diverse film background, I'm open for interpretation. I also decipher dreams for many dreamers. Thanks for the recommendation on stating the theory/personal perception aspect of the film. We can interpret this movie differently after each viewing.

    The woman in black doesn't appear to be happy about Arthur and his son joining the Stella. Her evil face speaks volumes about the ending. If we lose the scene in which she indicates that she will never forgive, then your interpretation would seem logical. However, the 'never forgive" is suggesting she is an evil demon with so much hatred that nothing will cure her.

    The screenwriter and novel writer are not always on the same page with the story. I'm sure there are many plot points in novel that are not covered in the film. Books contain too much description that not all is needed in the screenplay.

    You asked about the old woman screeching toward her son and the boy says some about her not being his mother. In my opinion, the woman is not his mother. She has manifested into an evil spirit. The woman in black is no longer the mother that loved the boy. She is an malevolent out to curse the children.

    For example, we hear parents say a possessed daughter is not their daughter. It may be their daughter in the flesh, but not their child in the thought. Demons drive possessed people to say evil things.

    In The Woman in Black, the boy's spirits know this evil woman is not his mother. She used to be his mother until she decided to put a curse on children. This is why the town fears Arthur will potentially awaken a dormant spirit who hasn't harmed any child in recent time.

    1. I for one enjoy your interpretation. I had thought of a number of interpretations, mentioned here by you and others. I like the way you justified the stance you took - the points you made, make all kinds of logical sense, and after reading and thinking about it, I agree. Thanks!

    2. Oh, and I will also now add those movies you listed in the above post to my 'Go see this!' list. It seems you have a great brain for detail & complexity - so I'm confident that my partner & I won't feel we've wasted my time after seeing them!

  7. Anything you read on any of my websites is my own personal perception using facts to support the plot. Check out Peter Dunne's Emotion Structure book on screenwriting. With his vast experience in film, he illustrates how screenwriters make choices in the plot. They may already know the movie ending and or the twist ending prior to writing the screenplay. We have to write character backstory, construct the plot, create conflict, add emotions, and develop a story that works.

    Good writing is evident in The Walking Dead AMC show. We disliked Dale's character because he meddled into the group's affairs. He is the moral character. We were ready to see him leave the show. However, we find his death emotional since he was in so much pain and everybody, including Shane, was upset.

    Conflict is present in every story. It was a tough scene to watch Dale die because we don't want to see any person suffer. It is in our human nature to help people. Dale is a good person who always wants to do the right thing. The zombie world is no longer the world Dale remembers as a moral world.

    The Woman in Black is about revenge. Revenge is attributed to hate. People hate first, and then take revenge later. Hate manifests into violence. The woman in black lost the battle. She didn't reunite with her husband. This woman committed suicide to avenge her son's death. She grieved for him enough to become an evil spirit on a revenge mission. As depicted in most films, she will not go to Heaven due suicide representing the ultimate sin.

    Therefore, the woman is out to ruin families. She murders children out of spite. She is like a Charles Manson character. The woman never kills the children like in Final Destination and The Grudge movies.

    IMO, the twist ending is that this evil woman loses the fight. She watches Arthur and Joseph join Stella. Thereafter, the woman shows us her evil glare.

    The old woman in insidious is not a good spirit who wants to help Josh reunite with his son. These are evil spirits. They want to create fear and hurt humans to satisfy their inner desires. Demons possess humans to make the possessed do bad things. According to Spiritual Research, ghost possession also occurs when the spirit attaches to humans like them.

    My perception is not merely speculation that evil spirits are from The Astral Hell of the subplanes. The evil spirits who cross into our world are from the dark subplanes and the Avichi.

    Check out my Subplanes website. You will see a resemblance in evil astral beings from The Astral Hell. The same astral beings are portrayed in Silent Hill. These evil spirits allow hate to manifest into revenge.

  8. I'm always open-minded about film theory. I don't agree with all film theories, as they are applied to dissect movies and what film students assume are unfolding in films. I took part in many of these film discussions from 1996-2007.

    The woman in black is able to cross between the astral plane and the physical world. No good spirit can keep crossing over. Stella never crosses over to the physical world to visit Arthur. She can only visit Arthur in his lucid dreams while she is walking through the cemetery.

    Nonetheless, I believe the screenwriter is trying to make this movie simple enough to create an emotional response. Evil doesn't always win. Hideaway is a perfect example of good defeating evil.

    Insidious ends with evil since the old woman takes control of Josh. Maybe the demon and the old woman banded together to entrap Josh. Soon after he reopened the gateway to his spirit, the old woman could possess him. Josh sacrificed his soul to save his son. It is possible to view the twist ending as a winning theme.

    The Woman in Black movie shows a twist ending that we don't expect. We assume everything is going to turn out good until the woman utters out that she will never forgive.

    I seriously doubt her intentions are to reunite Arthur and Joseph with Stella. She traps the children in her black web. Mr. Daily watched the children and the woman project on the train. This evil woman is not trying to repay Arthur with joining him and his son with Stella.

    Arthur could have lived a long life. He would have reached Stella in his later years. He struggled to cope with the loss of his wife. However, Arthur was excited to see his son Joseph. His wife's spirit lives on in Joseph.

    There is no need to kill Arthur and his son to help them reach Stella. In my opinion, the woman probably wanted to take Joseph to harm Arthur. Arthur saved his son, but made the ultimate sacrifice.

    It is a sacrificial plot such as Gladiator. Russell's character joined the wife and son he mourned. He killed the person responsible for their slaying. In the movie ending, Russell reached his family to die happily. It is a great movie ending.

    I believe The Woman in Black has a good twist ending with reuniting Arthur and the Joseph with Stella. The woman sought after harming Arthur. She won't change her ways. A spiritualist must break a curse to cast out an evil spirit. The woman can jump in and out of the dimensions.

    If the woman hadn't uttered out that she will never forgive, I would believe in your theory that she wanted to help Arthur and Joseph to join Stella in the afterlife.

    This evil woman could care less about helping anyone. She didn't care about her life enough - she committed suicide with hate brewing inside her spirit. She blamed every person in the world for his son's death. Maybe if the woman was with the son, he could have survived.

    The "never forgive" and the hateful cards are enough to convey this woman as an evil spirit ready to take all children into her cobweb. She probably feeds off the energy the children souls generate.

    Why does Freddy keep killing people? He started to take revenge against his murder. He punished the children whose parents burned him alive. He enjoyed killing people because his revenge and hate transformed into evil.

    Revenge themes tend to end with a disaster. A Man on Fire has a negative ending. The Grudge movies end with negative outcomes. Death in Final Destination movies use revenge to reclaim souls.

    On the opposing side, A Man Apart has a good ending to show that revenge resolves the turning point in the wife's death.

  9. My main point Is that as you say, it doesnt matter how stupid or smart the author is or we think he is. I dont like to hear theories and interpertations, i dont even like my own, that is making an interpretation. Because ultimately they are all wrong unless that is what the author intended the audience to do. Otherwise he had his own outcome in his mind, it might not be clear tio the audience, which is when we are left to interpet the film/ending. Still it is not what really happened in the story. The only way to find this out is to discover what the other intended in his own mind. It doesnt matter if hes brilliant or a drooling idiot. IT happens to be the true intention. we can still take something completly different away from a film, but why? I want the truth. Otherwise we could just do the same for any film or book, just make up or own ending. Why should it matter if its clear or not clear, in the authors mind that is the real ending so that means it is. As far as planes and subplanes etc., we have no idea if they even exist wich is a whole nother discussion but the author might have not even heard of that word. In his mind the ghost/woman in black is in a place you have never heard of, you just cant come out and say" oh yeah, shes in a sub plane by the way" Just to tell u somehting about myself, I dont have your credentials but I am A huge movie and book fan, especially horror movies and books. Ive seen all the movies youve mentioned. I own over 4,000 in my collection. I think critics and music critics, they spend so much of their time with it they tend to over analyze it. Its possible with anything in life. The theory about the woman in black wasnt mine its my girls but just for arguments sake, people and im sure spirits can change their mind/feelings/attitude, what if she had a change of heart? Also Her facial expression when looking in the camera at the end is plain and expressionless, what is she suppose to do, Smile? This is the problem when interperting an ending, you can make anything happen that you think which could have nothing to do with the actual story. Im just kind of playing devils advocate here, but what if the woman in black isnt janet but the sister alice and thats why the child said, "you arent my mother" that possible. I love talking about movies and theorizing but ultimately im not satisfied until I find the true meaning, if there is one. I think I do as of now tend to agree with your basic theories, I think you just take it to far. I enjoyed the article though. I just have a problem throwing in all of this outside "knowledge about spirits, when one- we have know idea what exists and what doesnt, and 2- Who knows if thats what the author intended.

    1. I think the best way to find the ultimate truth to the movie ending is to interview screenwriter Jane Goldman. She is from the UK. Otherwise, we can only analyze The Woman in Black to convey our personal explanation.

      I can reach out to the right people to possibly interview the screenwriter, which I can post on my screenwriting website The Screenwriting

      The woman in black did make a creepy facial expression toward the fourth wall. In my personal opinion, the woman in black only anticipated killing little Joseph. She thinks that Arthur reuniting her with her son is enough. It is like paying your mortgage 6 months late. The woman uttered out "never forgive" to inform us she will never stop her evil.

      The screenwriter will give up the movie ending. If I can't get the interview, then I can reach out to Collider since they commonly interview the producer, director and screenwriter.

      Every movie is open to interpretation. I decipher dreams daily. The most common dream is about tsunamis. In my opinion, the dreamer usually find the information helpful to improve their waking life. I used to have tsunami dreams often while stressing out about graduate school and overwhelming myself with overwriting content.

      The screenwriter can interpret the novel in such a way to change the movie ending. Maybe Alice is the mother and the woman in black is just some evil spirit. I sat in many hours of film theory discussions in UCSB. There are several film theory courses where to have to attend three screenings, 3 discussion, 3 sessions and another seminar per week - one class only. Film students would oppose one another. I would reject the film instructor's notion.

      I can see you're passionate about movies - the same passion like James Cameron. We can dissect The Woman in Black hundreds of times to come up with many interpretations. It will puzzle us until we discuss the movie with the screenwriter and the novel writer. We can also read excerpts from previous interviews.

      The motif of darkness in the home and at the ending convey the astral planes. It is like M. Night and Hitchcock using red to identify danger. The astral plane is another alternate dimension to the physical plane. We see this in Langoliers.

      The Insidious screenwriter intended to capture the evil in "The Further" as The Astral Hell. The Astral Hell of the subplanes is also known as the astral world and astral plane. Anytime we see anything related to the afterlife, spiritual themes are present in movies. The Lovely Bones also depicts the subplanes, that is what spiritualists assume is the place that is the finale stop to reach Heaven.

      The whole The Woman in Black concept is metaphysical. It is not possible in our physical beliefs, so conveying spirits, astral planes, subplanes and the afterlife is merely based on the plot design. We have no proof there is an afterlife, though there are witnesses to the phenomenon.

      When I was 5, I went camping with my father. We used to camp out with a group similar to The Walking Dead. On one night, my father went out to use the restroom. He came back with a white face. He said he saw a UFO, which stunned him. This place is located way in the mountains near Oroville, California. I asked him about this UFO experience in 2007 and 2011. Both times he is consistent with the UFO encounter.

      My father mentioned that it was an out of this world experience. He indicated that he was in disbelief. I never forgot the day he first told me about the UFO on the very night in 1981. Aliens and UFO are referred as metaphysical until they reveal their existence. Spiritual interpretations and this The Woman and Black movie are deemed metaphysical. We can find the truth about movies, but it is always open for analysis.

    2. Daniel Radcliffe gave an interview about the movie. He is not superstitious. Daniel doesn't believe in spirits and ghosts. Nonetheless, his performance is great in the movie.

      You can read his interview here
      Daniel Interview and this one Daniel Interview

    3. While I agree that the only way to find out the truth would be to hear it from the author, authors don't write for themselves, they write for an audience. That alone gives the audience free reign to take what they will out of the story and not "be wrong". Like you pointed out earlier, sometimes the author themselves don't have a clear cut idea of what their endings mean, sometimes they just let the audience decide for themselves.

  10. donnie Darko is a good movie to theorize about since the screenwriter himself didnt know what it all meant. Theres no real rigth answer to that one. What about mullhulland drive and lost highway,, im sure with your background youve been in some discussions bout those once or twice. Wahts your theory on whats in the briefcase in pulp fiction? I heard years ago it was marcellas wallaces soul, I think tarrantino spoke of that in an interview or something, he also referred to the bandaid on the back of his neck where the soul was removed.

    1. I agree with you. Donnie Darko is money that people interpret; however, the screenwriter probably just wanted to write something loosely based on fear, end of the world, and maybe an alternate reality. I read the screenplay in film school years ago. The screenwriter spends a lot of time with the visuals.

      Mullhulland Drive is another mother with a good twist ending to trick the moviegoer. I haven't watched Lost Highway yet.

      I have been in many film discussions with many diverse people. I also earned an AA in Film from De Anza College. That is the college that Len Wiseman (Kate Beckinsale's director husband - Underworld movies) attended. Between three colleges, I probably taken a hundred film courses. The screenwriting courses were the best. I took 10 screenwriting courses. New Media writing was a cool course. I remember attending the course until midnight and having to drive home 2 hours. I would think of many script ideas to and from school. Scriptwriting for animation was another fun course. I enjoyed screenwriting for short film the most. It is the course that developed one of my best screenplays in 2006. The best writing comes from staying up many nights to binge write.

      Pulp Fiction has an excellent plot design. It is referred to as a nonlinear narrative. I will view that film again to check out the Wallace soul connection that Tarrintino discussed. Seems rather interesting.

  11. I love hitchcock movies to, my parents turned me on to those. Im in my early 30's and my girlfriend wont watch any movies before the 70's. I love rope, rear window, vertigo, the man who knew to much, dial m for murder. I dont think their hitchcock films but north by northwest and domino are good ones too. Come to think of it north by horthwest might be. I love how rope is almost all one take or a few really long takes. I think thats a technique that is greatly missing from movies today. The edits have gotten shorter and shorter from the 70's 80's 90's ertc. tol now. I think it makes for a better more fljuoid film and you get to know the character better also demands better acting form the actor/actress.

    1. I also enjoy watching Hitchcock movies. I watched many of them in college. My last film course was a Hitchcock seminar. We watched and analyzed many Hitchcock films. It's fun to attend film courses to watch and discuss movies.

      Lifeboat is a good Hitchcock film. We watched Vertigo, Notorious, Rear WIndow, North by Northwest, Dial M for Murder, Shadow of a Doubt, Rebecca, and many Hitchcock films in the course as well as in other film courses. You should check out his early film Blackmail. We watched that film in a silent film course.

      You're right about the edits. I remember watching the long open sequence in a Orson Welles's Touch of Evil. The sequence lasted a very long time. Classic films are much better!

      You should try to convince your girlfriend to watch the old films. His horror films are good. You can begin with Notorious, a good spy thriller. She might change her mind since there are many good classic movies.

      Have a Friday movie night. Watch a classic horror film and a new one. Mix the old with the new. If you enjoy exorcism movies, The Last Exorcism is one crazy movie. The ending is very eerie. It is much better than The Devil Inside generated heavy traffic since January. I also run,,,,,, and many others.

      My new website, Movie Tagline
      is going to take off soon. There is unlimited potential to review movie taglines. I really enjoy this Twist Endings website. Plot Spoiler is doing extremely well with traffic. It takes a lot of work to write movie spoilers. I try to build movie brands based on demand. Many of the website are valuable because the keywords produce high monthly searches such as End of the World Movies, Box Office Weekend, Exorcism Movies, and others.

      Metaphysical movies will become big soon. 18 months ago, a psychic told me to write about metaphysics. Insidious, Source Code, Sucker Punch, Adjustment Bureau and other films helped to fuel metaphysics.

      I also own the best astral sites. You can check out any of the websites or visit here to discuss movies. Thanks for the feedback. I don't mind constructive criticism. Many screenwriters, such as Academy Award screenwriter Michael Arndt, have endured criticism to become good screenwriters.

    2. Did you not like donnie darko? Thats one of my favorite movies. Great 80s soundtrack, my kind of scarcastic crude dark humor, part time travel, part horror, part love story and part scif, with some cool twists. It just hit me in all the right places.

      I love David Lynch. I know hes the trendy indi/cult guy but I just love his twisted movies. You should really check out lost highway and blue velvet wich is one my favorites also. If you tell me you completly understand lost highway or mullholland drive, Im not sure il believe you....hahaha.

      Man, Ive wanted to take film classes and the like for a long time but its such a leap of faith and pure commitment and passion to be able to make a carrer and of solely film related classes and degrees.

      Pulp fiction is one of my all time favorites as well. Its one of the very few movies that has ever utterly blown me away with its originality and style aand hip everything. It was just the absolute sh*t when it came out. I cant think of another movie that blew me away like that did.

    3. Donnie Darko is a good movie. I never watched the full movie. I can check out Netflix to review the movie. David Lynch is a good director. He directed some twisted movies such as Mulholland Drive. I like Naomi Watts - sexy woman.

      I picked up on the twisted plot in Mullholland Drive. I wanted to accomplish the Hollywood dream since the summer of 1994. I planned my entire journey from joining the Air Force to moving out to Los Angeles in 1999. I left LA to go back home after 10 days.

      I attended a drama program from 1996-1999. I also took a professional acting program in 1995. I learned a lot in the De Anza film program. I earned a few degrees there.

      I later returned to Southern California in 2005 to attend UCSB film school. I made sure to take many professional writing courses outside of the film program - writing for visual art, nonfiction creative writing, writing for film, 7 screenwriting courses, and much more.

      You don't need to attend a film program to make it in Hollywood. I took the education route to meet connections. In my opinion, an aspiring screenwriter can skip the screenwriting programs to better utilize the time.

      I have a Master's degree in Public Administration. My PAD experience is worth a ton on the East Coast - Atlanta, NYC, and D.C. I also have strong tagline writing and quote writing skills. The film courses and degrees enabled me to build a vast writing portfolio.

      Pulp Fiction is a good movie. It gets better after each viewing. I laughed when John Travolta was dealing with Uma Thurmon's character overdose. Funny stuff!

      The movies that cemented my plans to pursue a Hollywood dream were Speed and Forrest Gump. Pulp Fiction is a cool movie with great directing and writing. Jackson delivered a classic performance. There are so many classic movie quotes from that film.

    4. Yeah, David Lynch is great. I weatched Mullholland drive like 6 times in a couple days when i first rented it and still dont completly get it. Its funny Ive never actually looked it up on the web, I think Im going to do that now actually. Alot of his stuff isnt suppose to make sense or its just similar or related enough to barely make sense but thats as far as those parts or suppose to go. Some of it does have a meaning but others are total nonsense and the majority is suppose to be left for complete interpretation by the viewer.

      Do you watch foreign films. Thats one thing my girl got me into. I had seen a couple in the past but didnt really like what I saw. I have completly changed my mind in the past few years. There are so many great movies coming from around the world - spain,uk, france, russia, germany. Il admit, I mostly watch foreign horror movies as opposed to other genres. Its so refreshing to see the great acting and original stories and new atmosphere to th foreign films as opposed to alot of reclyed hollywood garbage. Besides the great advancements in cgi I think the overall quality of storylines has diminished in hollywood films in the past few years. Not everything of course, theirs been some great films. I dont think its the authors or acrtors fault I just think the studios are trying to pump as many movies out as quickly as possible becuase of profit losses from pirating. I dont think as much pride and meaning goes into them as once did. Another thing I hate is how many pg13 movies are released just so they can attract more audience members. They sacrifice the quality of the film to make more money at the box office, when they coul have easily made an r rating. Anyway,kind of got off subject there. There are alot of really well made foreign horror films out there.

      Yeah, Forrest Gump is an excellent movie but speed IMO isnt something I would reccomend to anyone. It was a cool entertaining action flick at the time but keanu reeves is a terrible actor (except in bill and ted lol) and the plot was pretty thin. It was original for the time though.

      Im attending gech school working on two associate transfer degrees in computer networking and computer software support and plan to further my education with a bs in something related. Ive always loved electronics. Half of my enjoyment of the movies is my home theatre. The internet has exp;oded into the living room the last year or so and home theatre pc's are becoming more popular. Im thinking of integrating some sort of pc/home theater business or tweaking my transfer to some sort of electronics/pc weducation where i could do behind the scenes work on movies being made. Either on the set or post production.

    5. Mullholland Drive is a movie with a twist. I believe brunette is another split personality of Watts. We watched the film many times in two different film schools.

      I watched many foreign films in college and on my spare time. Film Noir is really cool. I took a course on Chinese film, Film Noir, Italian Neorealism, and other foreign films. A Very Long Engagement, The Bicycle Thief, The Eye, The Celebration (1998), Hero, Chungking Express, and some Hong Kong films. The Eye is a scary foreign film with an excellent storyline that is much better than the American version. Chinese and Chinese films are excellent. Wong Kar Wai is a great director.

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  12. whoops. i meant charade not domino

    1. I will definitly check out all your links and all your links to your various websites. I may have clicked on reply the wrong places so go throuugh the last few comments to make sure you see my replies.

    2. Sounds cool. I developed,, and last night. It will take some time to develop them since I run so many movie sites.

      A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on on how to become a film buff. I'm sure you're already a film buff since you watched many films and know how to interpret them.

  13. That would be amazing if you could get an interview if you do please let me know, or if you dont but hear of one also. I actually havnt searched yet.

    Il have to agree to disagree with you about WIB facial expression, ive looked at it a few times now and I dont see any movement in facial features themselves. No squinting of eyes or tightning of the mouth, nothing. Just a plain, blank stare. But given her incredibly creepy face to begin with, thats enough.

    Thats really cool about dreams, the last couple years Ive really become interested in deciphering dreams and try to deciper my GF dreams which we both think I do a good job at. I am also very interested in real life ghosts and spirits as ell as any un explained phenomenon.

    Have any of your screenplays become movies I would have seen? I went and saw Grey last night, which is a great movie, but before the movie saw a preview of a movie called silent house. When I got home I checked to see if it was a remake since it seems like most movies now days and especially horror movies are either remakes of old movies or of forien films. I was stoked and downloaded it. I just now finished watching it, I really liked it. Speaking of long edits, its one continuous shot through the whole movie. Im sure they snuck some clips in there but it seemed li,ke one long edit. it was also the first loud yell ive released from a scary movie in a long time.

    1. I'm sure that authors and screenwriter are willing to give an interview. It really deeds on their agents. There are times that they can't speak about certain aspects of the project. However, I think it would be good to interview the novel writer and the screenwriter. They can explain The Woman in Black ending as well as the plot.

      I have to watch the movie again to see the woman's facial expression again. The "never forgive" is a powerful plot device to motivate the twist ending. Leaving out that short scene would have been every more shocking to the moviegoer.

      Imagine Arthur leaving the home to see his son. All of a sudden, the woman in black appears to hypnotize Joseph without warning us with the "never forgive" line. We expect a happy ending in the waking life, but the spiritual ending is also an excellent resolution.

      There is demand for dream research. You should consider deciphering dreams as a hobby and to make revenue. You can probably make affiliate revenue with psychic websites. I plan to build into a haunted travel site. It only features a few articles now. Eventually, I want to develop the website to resemble

      None of my screenplays have reached the silver screen yet. I do have one that resembles the woman in black, which I wrote in 2006. It involves one kid, a group of school kids and metaphysics - spooky movie. I wrote another script in 2003 that resembles The Vow movie, but the character roles are reversed.

      In my opinion, I think you will see at least one of my screenplays reach the silver screen in the next two years. My scripts transformed into better stories due to life experiences - major hardship. Waiting to submit a script can create future opportunities. However, waiting can cause you to lose out since another screenwriter may option a high concept script similar to the one you wrote many years ago.

      The Grey seems like a good movie. Liam Neeson always does a good job. I liked his Taken movie. I plan to watch Silent House this weekend at AMC in Burbank. We can discuss the film after. What did you think of The Thing (2011) version. The prequel worked for past The Thing Fans.

      I heard Sony is planning to make Insidious 2. They already registered the domain names. According to Warner Bros., Ben Affleck is directing The Stand. The upcoming movies will give me some good content to review on End of the World Movies and Metaphysical Movies.

      If you lived in Southern California, they have an awesome Screenwriting Boot Camp in Santa Monica. A few times a week, the top screenwriters are usually there. You can purchase tickets to have breakfast and or a luncheon, and then talk to the screenwriters and other Hollywood executives.

      At the local movie theaters, they hand out free movie passes to watch screenings several months prior to the movie release date. You can watch many screenings of cool movies.

      I recently got hired to write a horror movie screenplay. The director is limited on the budget, so maybe there can be a backend participation percentage once the film is released.


    2. I agree, leaving out "never forgive" and having the same ending would have been a huge shock. i think that would have pissed the audience off since they wouldnt have had any inkling into why she lured joseph. As far as you were concerned she got what she wanted and was happy. Then out of nowhere she would just up and murder them. The way it is the audience is at least given a clue to as of why and ties it together.

      yeah after talking with you it has gotten me motivated into looking more into dreams and to check out what types of behind the scenes options for me lie out there as far as pc/electronics type stuff. Ive taken creative writing classes in high school and comunity college and have done excellent and been praised highly. Writing stories comes natuarlly to me but I dont think I would want to try for something along those lines until I have a secure career in what im doing now. Maybe do it as a hobby and if it blows up great and if it doesnt i have my career wich I love doing. It just seems like such a gamble with wriring or acting, you have to want it super bad and be extremekly talented and passionate bout it and then still your not guarnteed anything. It just seems to me, and i admitedly dont know much about it, but it seems that if you make it your stoked but if not your going to be broke and bumming along, wriring and acting isnt like another career where your pretty much guarnteed work and a good living. I just couldnt take that kind of gamble, especially at my age, even though I would love to. I also dont live in SOCAL, I live In WA State. Do you work solely in wriing about movies? Has it always been like that and werent you worried you might not be able to support yourself and have a fruitful living by writing and what not?

      THats awesome you got hired to do a horror screenplay. How exciting. Are you pretty free to do what you want, given a basic outline?

      What did u mean by, " waiting to submit a script can create future opportunities"? Is there a diference between a scriot and screenplay?

      From the little youve said about those couple scripts you wrote they sound good. I really wish you luck and genuinly hope you have alot of success and make it to the big screen. just keep doing what makes you happy either way.

      For the life of me i cant remember the name of the recent film, i want to say 8mm but thats not it, with the group of kids shooting a movie and then theres a train crash and the alien escapes...ring a bell? Anyway thats a great movie IMO. Good acting by the group of kids. Thats what popped into my head when you were explaining your group of kids horror movie. Exscuse all my spelling, im on my phone....oh I have another reply above to in case u missed it.

    3. The movie ending would have been a shock without the "never forgive" warning. However, the movie ending would worked without the "never forgive" since killing Arthur and Joseph created a spiritual resolution.

      You're right about finding a career first in computers, and then trying film as a hobby. That's the safe way to go since the economy is destabilizing.

      I noticed you live in Washington. I didn't mention it. I keep track of the GEO and keyword analysis to feed the demand.

      I worked mainly in freelance writing. It is tough to survive solely on writing. I developed many websites since there is a strong possibility I will sell high traffic websites to end-users. Traffic translates into revenue. I decided on the Hollywood dream at 18. I'm 36 now. I think the sacrifice is worth it.

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      I don't live the best life. I usually struggle to survive. I understand that making sacrifices to live a dream is worth it at the end. You get to do what makes you happy and excited. Today, I saw a film shooting with police escort. I see films' shooting often here. It is always exciting since I have wanted this dream for 18 years now.

      On the opposing side, I have strong writing skills in academics, business, novel writing, creative writing, and other forms of writing. I know how the search engines work, which enables me to work in marketing as a SEM manager. I hold the four degrees, with a Master's degree in Public Administration and the BA in Film & Media Studies.

      In my opinion, you must be confident even during the toughest times. I experienced many unfortunate events over the past 18 years. I could easily blame my dream for putting in a bad position. However, I believe in the journey. I realize that living a good life requires hardship.

      You're mode of thinking is what many should follow. Therefore, many people would avoid hardship in their lives.

      The film you're thinking of is Super 8. It is a group of kids that are shooting a film, only to discover there is a top secret train with a deadly secret inside.

      In my horror movie, the main character is a young boy. I will reveal more of the script as soon as I revise it. You will find the movie quite spooky. There are many good scenes as well as jump moments.

      Thanks for the support. It is rare to get any support unless you produce results. Even in the domain industry, people gravitate towards the top investors who make big sales. I have about 15-20 scripts working. The kid one is the top script that I'm banking on. I have another I wrote for Morgan Freeman. I've been siting on the script way too long, since 2003.

      What I'm suggesting about waiting to release a script is that you can make revisions to develop a better storyline. The story plot can stay the same, but you can add emotional elements to create a high concept movie.

      High concept are movies obvious to the movie audience, such as The Exorcist, Cowboys & Aliens, and other movie titles which are self-explanatory. Waiting to submit can produce better opportunities, especially if you change your mode of thinking to write a better story with the same concept. If you get rejected with an old script, you might find challenges in trying to get attention. It is better to produce a dynamic screenplay. I call it screenplay or script - both are interchangeable.

  14. Good evening. First of all sorry to interrupt :) but i've just watched the woman in black and read some of your conversation. I would agree with the opinion that woman in black didn't want to payback the favor and to reunite Arthur's family. maybe i'm wrong and won't be able to express myself correctly (i'm not very good at english), but i noticed, that one time during the movie the insane lady said in child's voice - she makes us, she can't find him so she makes us... - SHE SAW YOU - it seems like she turned her hatred towards Arthur. And at the last second of the movie, when she watches Arthur, his son and wife leaving, she suddenly turns her eyes to an audience. So i think, that it shoud mean "you're next" or something like that. what do you think?

    1. Good evening as well Kordi. You're not interrupting. It is cool to hold a discussion on The Woman in Black movie. I agree with your analysis of the film ending. I also heard that the woman in black has to kill a child whenever she sees a person (Arthur).
      Woman in Black review

      Your interpretation of the film ending is good. It makes sense. We've discussed multiple conclusions in the twist ending. The 'never forgive" is a major plot point to deliver a falling action in the last 5 minutes of the movie.

      For example. the falling action in the Serendipity movie is when fate brings Jonathan and Sara together at the end. They could have been together years ago, but both were in serious relationships. The skate rink scene shows that fate will never stop until two people meant for each other are united together.

      The falling action in The Woman in Black is Arthur and Joseph reaching the afterlife. It is like the falling action in Mortal Kombat with the brother's spirit getting freed from the antagonist. We see an actual resolution in The Woman In Black movie ending. We don't see a falling action in The Devil Inside movie.

      The key to the movie ending is the falling action in the resolution. This is the moment when the protagonist and antagonist resolve the conflict. I assumed the woman in black gave us this stare like you got away but I will continue on with the curse. The woman resembles the Freddie Krueger character who traps souls.

      Thanks for sharing your interpretation of the movie. Good initial analysis of the film.

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  18. Hello guys i have really enjoyed the movie and wanted to thank you for sharing your profounding opinions. For me(just my point of view) the end of the movie is very clear, the curse was finally lifted because Arthur sacrificed him for his child. All the others in the village wasnt there to avoid the death of their children. The curse of the woman in black is based on grief, hate and over and over condemning you could have saved him. Like on the wall in his room or in the letters. So i dont see any good intentions that the black woman wanted to help or repay Arthur and reunite them. She is definetly pure evil and she wants the souls of the children. If Arthur didnt help Joseph the woman in Black would have won and got Joseph's soul like those of the other children. So again Arthur lifted the curse and Joseph is in heaven now instead of the evil spirit realm.
    But one thing is still not quite clear for me. Was the woman in Black really mentally ill? Because her voice in the letter sounded very benevolent, reasonable and sad. There are always 2 sides of the coin. What is evil? I can really feel her sadness and have some kind of compassion with her. Because the way i see it she got betrayed by the others(maby liars) and couldnt see her beloved son. And finally her only son died because they so called righteous adoptive parents didnt save him. Well i hope someone can answer that for me. Was she really mentally ill?

    1. Thanks for sharing your opinion. The Woman in Black probably suffered from depression (in my opinion). It takes something really dark to commit suicide. People commit suicide to end pain. It is probable the misery of losing her son that drove her to end her life.

      We have a problem with revenge. A person is commits suicide and dies with hate may in fact revisit the physical world to seek revenge. Whereas the WOman in Black is betrayed, she could have lived in her son's memory rather than brainwash young children into killing themselves in meaningless deaths. The Woman in Black is like one of this condemned spirits we see in the Insidious movie ending.

      Depression is a mental disorder listed in the DSM-IV. There are different levels of depression, which is possibly the reason she took her life. How many people do we read in the news that actually commit suicide after losing a loved one? It is fairly common. In a movie sense, the Woman in Black died with hate. She came back to wreak havoc on the local children. It is her way to seek revenge, though it is hatred that controls the course of the curse.

      It is also possible the Woman in Black is a dark woman who blamed people for her problems. She lived a life of privilege, but then discovered pain once her son was taken and soon died in an accident. The adoptive parents probably feared saving the son to protect their lives. It is an act of selfishness in all accounts that make The Woman in Black movie a tale about revenge, hate, evil and renewal.

      Arthur attempted to save his son like any real parents would do. He doesn't realize their fate until after the wife appears. Nonetheless, Arthur is excited to see his wife, as if Joseph is with meeting his mother up close and personal. It is a defining moment in the movie to help Arthur resolve his depression.

      The Woman in Black is a malevolent spirit. Her hatred in her physical life manifested in the spiritual world. She probably resides in The Astral Hell of the subplanes, a dimension reserved spirits stuck in limbo. Thanks.

    2. My comment above is in my opinion and not to used to diagnose any condition. I have experience caring for people who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. I had a friend who committed as well as heard people commit suicide due to depression, bipolar disorder, and other factors. Thanks.

    3. Hello Astral Writer,

      damn i love your writings =) I really like free thinking people like you and could talk for hours about that subject. Yea, you could be right about the depression and therefore the hate grew in her and she committed suicide.But then again, when Arthur was reading her letters she sounded reasonable and just like sad woman.I didnt sense the evil or madness in her. Her sister did not even give her birthday cards to her son. I really smell the betrayal here. I also watched the move insidous after the woman in black. Well too much Hollywood for me but the ending was very interesting. The old woman lured the guy out to get his soul trapped and possessed his body finally. The trick was the distraction with his son. Very wicked ending. Do you have any other movie you can recommend? I have watched the old black and white movie the haunting from the 60s one week ago. I almost felt asleep =) I usually love old classics but this one was too predictable.



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