Sunday, April 15, 2012

Movies with Twist Endings 2012


***Plot Spoiler***

The 2012 movie box office released a few movies with twist endings. We all know that M. Night Shyamalan is the master of twist endings. However, we are seeing more twist endings than usual in Hollywood movies. Twist endings in horror movies changed the dynamics of the plot design. The 2012 box office is leaning toward establishing itself as the year of twist endings. 

A twist ending occurs in the film ending. Thus, moviegoers are showered with the complete truth to the plot through flashbacks. What moviegoers expect in the final resolution is instead a twist with a catch. Some examples of twist endings in movies are Fight Club, Memento, The Sixth Sense, Psycho, The Game, and Sleepaway Camp. In the film ending, the moviegoer discover a major twist to explain the plot. 

2012 box office movies with twist endings bring back the classic twist most moviegoers enjoy most. The best twist endings make the movie experience an exciting psychological game. Intruders, The Devil Inside, The Woman in Black, and Cabin in the Woods utilize twist endings for better and or worse.

Intruders explains that Juan as a boy is John as an adult. His mother covered up the death of his biological father with telling him a false story. John grew without knowing his father died, though the initial traumatic episode remained suppressed in his mind up until adulthood.

John's daughter finds the Hollowface story, which she is led to believe nonetheless the fake monster with no face is a real monster. The paranormal movie is thus a psychological thriller designed to trick the moviegoer. We feel this twist ending is effective enough to explain the origin of Hollowface.

The Devil Inside twist ending is a disaster. Most exorcism movies end with the last exorcism. However, The Devil Inside filmmakers decide to insert a car crash into the exorcism movie to end their film abruptly. This twist ending is one of the worst ever. What exorcism movie in the past ends without performing an exorcism? None!

The Woman in Black twist ending is great. Arthur reconnects the woman in black with her son. However, the twist ending tricks the moviegoing public into believing Arthur and his son will live happily ever after. The father and son die in the end. As a result, Arthur and his son Joseph bond with Stella, a mother and wife who prematurely passed away moments after giving birth.

The Woman in Black twist ending is awesome. Moviegoers watch Arthur join his wife in the afterlife. Even better, Joseph meets his mother for the first time ever. Horror movies should imitate twist endings such as The Woman in Black and Intruders to build suspense in the movie plot.   

The most recent science fiction/horror movie Cabin in the Woods is the new king of bad twist endings in horror movies. Hence, Cabin in the Woods is staged as a slasher film up until the ultimate twist ending reveals the dumb movie plot.

Moviegoers soon realize the disaster in shaping the slasher horror film into a science fiction/fantasy movie. Cabin in the Woods integrates far too many genres into one movie. Here we have a horror movie piled on with subgenres sought out to boost creativity and originality. In this horror movie twist ending, the buffet of genres create confusion.

What is the Cabin in the Woods really about? Why is the movie so stupid? How can fears and nightmares attack and kill living people? Gods, rituals and end of the world themes all in one are totally ineffective to make the movie interesting. Hands down, Cabin in the Woods projects the worst twist ending in movies.

The 2012 movie box office is dealing out twist endings like there is no tomorrow. We suppose twist endings in horror movies give moviegoers, but tricking everyone with a twist ending that shifts the genre is poor execution.

Moviegoers will likely discuss the Cabin in the Woods twist ending. It is a twist ending unlike most slasher movies. The best scene in the Cabin in the Woods movie is the film ending. The twist ending dragged on too long, and then introduced mythical creatures, dreams, nightmares and fears into an all-in-one movie disaster. Cabin in the Woods is a stupid, dumb and terrible movie with a bad twist ending.

Enjoy movie twist endings? Want to watch twist endings in movies? Horror movies with twist endings are the most entertaining to watch. Avoid delving in movie with terrible twist endings. Check out M. Night Shyamalan past movies, the director whose known for utilizing twist endings to engage moviegoers.

In short, the plot twist is another term used to describe movies with a twist. Past movies with twist endings are common among director/writer M. Night Shyamalan. Want to watch a twist ending in action? Enjoy movies with a twist in the 2012 box office.