Monday, May 7, 2012

Top 5 Psychological Thriller Movies with Twist Endings

Enjoy watching psychological thriller movies? Psychological thriller movies put movie fans on the edge of their seats. Movies with twist endings are clever? Want to watch the top 5 psychological movies with twist endings? Beware that major spoilers are revealed.

The top 5 psychological thriller movies with twist endings are unique, catchy and intelligent.The following psychological thriller movies feature twist endings:

1) The Game (twist is the brother gives Nicholas a game as a birthday present)
2) Mr. Brooks (twist is daughter is like serial killer father)
3) Psycho (1960) (twist is Norman is the mystery killer/mother is dead)
4) Shutter Island (Leo killed his wife to avenge the death of his children/ is institutionalized instead of investigating a missing patient)
5) Intruders (Juan and John are the same person - Hollowface is a created monster who represents his deceased father he watched die)

The psychological thriller movies below are intense, so watch them carefully to understand the plot as well as the twist endings.