Friday, June 22, 2012

The Uninvited Twist Ending

The Uninvited released in movie theaters on July 30, 2009. The hybrid genre movie deals out a twist ending resembling The Usual Suspects movie. Sucker Punch Emily Browning plays a young girl attempting to research the truth about her mother's death.

The Uninvited twist ending is clever since we never expect the twist. If you haven't watched The Uninvited movie yet, beware that we will discuss the spoiler to reveal the twist ending.

***Twist Ending***

Anna (Emily Browning) attempted to commit suicide soon after her mother died in a fire. We see Anna get discharged in the movie setup. Her sister Alex (Arielle Kebbel) helps to investigate the father's new wife Rachel (Elizabeth Banks), the former nurse who cared for the ill-stricken mother. 

Anna is a troubled soul. She accuses Rachel as the killer. In her fantasy world, Anna determines that Rachel has wrecked every family prior to hers. In The Uninvited twist ending, we discover that Anna is delusional. She kills Rachel with a knife. Her father Steven (David Strathairn) shares the truth that her mother and sister passed away on the night of the fire. 

Anna learns her actions, though an accident, resulted in the fire. He knocked over a lantern that started the fire. The mother and sister died in the fire. The twist ending throws out another curve ball at the audience. We begin to see similar names inside the mental institute. The same exact name that Anna think is Rachel's previous name is planted on a door, "Mildred Kemp". A patient questions whether Anna accomplished her goal.

We have two possible twist endings. Anna may have already plotted to kill Rachel. Or she is suffering from schizophrenia? The twist ending resembles The Usual Suspects and Sucker Punch. The major plot points are hidden until the movie end. In the twist ending, Anna appears to have settled a score. She never actually recovered from his mental condition. An alternate scenario is that Anna knew exact what she wanted to do. 

The Uninvited twist ending is consistent with Shutter Island twist ending. The two movies explored the truth about the events that caused their mental condition. The real plot is hidden away to keep us on the sidelines. In any case, The Uninvited twist ending is clever because we assume the movie is another The Grudge.