Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Batman twist

In the new Batman movie, there is a major twist in the end. There are four significant events in the movie ending. These plot points twist the plot, as we think the opposite in the setup and development. The first and second act hide the truth of such events up until the movie ending. We will the Batman twist with dishing out TDKR spoilers.

***TDKR spoilers***

The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is several twists wrapped up in one major finale. We Batman fly an atomic bomb outside of Gotham to save the day. However, we are sure Batman survives the atomic blast. Fox discovered that Bruce Wayne repaired the autopilot function. We are supposed to think this revelation is enough evidence Batman survived the atomic blast because he is not in the Bat plane. 

Batman looks like he is accepting a huge decision with about 5 second remaining on the bomb timer. This atomic ending is a major twist since Batman has never been put in a position to possibly die. Batman fans are furious to even read anything related to the Dark Knight's death. 

Repairing the autopilot function has little impact on whether Batman survives or dies. Thus providing the autopilot information give Batman fans hope that their caped crusader survives the atomic blast. How can Batman survive an atomic explosion? Batman is in the Bat plane up until the a few seconds remaining in the explosion.

Are we supposed to believe Batman is flying inside another Batman plan while controlling another? Batman managed to swap Bat planes with less than 2 minutes to go? Oh year, Batman beat Bane to a pulp to coerce him into giving up the whereabouts of the remote detonator. Showing Batman in the Bat plane is not out of sequence. It is too easy to suggest Batman is in another plan playing Russian roulette with millions of lives. We believe Batman dies in the atomic explosion. 

Miranda reveals she is Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. She is the one who climbs out of the pit instead of Bane. In same scene, Catwoman shoots Bane dead with the Bat bike cannons. Bane is dead. The surprising twist is learning that Miranda is Talia, Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. 

An event more twist occurs in a few scenes later. Batman makes the critical decision to fly the atomic bomb out of Gotham City. Gordon tells Batman he is a hero. Batman responds, "Anyone can be a hero. Even a man who put a coat around a young boy's shoulders to let him know the world hadn't ended." Wow! This is nice twist that Batman finally reveals his true identity in an important moment in both Gordon and Bruce's lives. 

Gordon consoles Bruce at his darkest moment. Only Bruce can reveal this moment to Gordon. It is significant for Batman to serve up a major clue to Gordon. Gordon has no idea who Batman really is. Now Gordon knows, as Batman saves his son's life and is on the verge of sacrificing his life to keep Gotham safe. 

The twist is on again with John Blake retrieving a bag. He reveals his name as John "Robin" Blake. It keeps getting better in every given second to advance The Dark Knight Rises ending. 

We are not done yet. In the previous scene, Alfred is emotionally distraught, crying a river at Bruce Wayne's grave site. He feels he has failed the Wayne family. Their beloved son is now dead. Alfred is the only person to show major emotion with the passing of Bruce Wayne. We Blake showing emotion through anger. He tosses his detective badge in the river a few seconds after the atomic blast kills Batman. 

Fox learns that Bruce Wayne repaired the autopilot. This revelation is intended to give Batman fans hope their favorite hero is alive. In the Italian cafe scene, Alfred is having coffee or tea. He looks over at the usual location that he shares with Bruce in the turning point linking the first and second act. 

Surprisingly, Alfred sees Bruce Wayne is somehow alive and is dining with Selina. However, Selina's face is facing the street. Alfred has a look of happiness on his face. Bruce acknowledges Alfred with a slight grin. We think this is a dream scene or a fantasy. Batman fans think an autopilot fix is enough evidence to save Batman. We think Alfred is dreaming of this moment. 

If Alfred is not supposed to be live a life of pain with Master Bruce gone, then this Italian Cafe scene is hinting his death. His last image is a subconscious thought of Bruce finding happiness. Why think that ending with a dream sequence is inconsistent? Alfred doesn't know that Bruce is with Selina. Her face is never shown in plain view. The cafe scene is intended to covey Bruce's happiness, which is possibly Alfred's fantasy, a dream, or his last dying wish that is projected through a subconscious image.  

The cliffhanger introduces us to the transformation of John Blake into Nightwing. He represents the new hero rising in The Dark Knight Rises. With the passing of legend, there is a new beginning in a new hero. Blake is guided to the Bat Cave. The platform then moves upward with Blake rising. This cliffhanger ending is a twist to set our sight on an origin of another chapter.  

Batman twists are surprising since we never expect any of these events. A twist ending is a revelation, which can happen a number of ways such as the protagonist experiencing a major discovery, the moviegoers finding out new information that twists the plot, showing flashbacks to previous unknown events, serving up a major event that is later revisited, and even working backwards such as Christopher Nolan's Memento. Twist endings are intriguing because they change the outcome. Movies with a twist are exciting to watch since moviegoers must piece together plot clues like detectives. 

The Dark Knight Rises movie features twist after twist in the ending. In the twist, we learn Miranda's true identity, Gordon discovers Batman's identity, Bane is not the young boy from League of Shadows, Batman dies in an atomic blast, Alfred may have died as well, and John Blake is hinted to become Nightwing. The Dark Knight Rises twist ending features multiple endings with several plot twists.  


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