Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Orphan twist ending

The Orphan is a psychological thriller about a couple who adopt an orphan girl to rebuild their marriage. As odd things begin to go wrong, the wife begins to suspect the orphan is the problem. The Orphan twist ending explains the motivation that drives this movie plot. If you haven't watched The Orphan movie, then avoid reading the twist ending below.

***Movie Spoiler***

The Orphan twist ending will expose a character. John and Kate adopt a 9-year old girl from the orphan. Esther appears bright, smart and well-mannered. She warms up to John, but it is Kate that she tries to sabotage. Esther is worse than the girl from Case 39. 

In the twist ending  we discover the true identity of Esther. Kate contacted an overseas location in Russia. She assumes that this location is a Russian orphanage. However, the medical director informs Kate that Esther is not who they think she is. In fact, Esther is a 30 something psychotic woman. She is extremely dangerous. 

Kate rushes home to save her daughter and husband. Meanwhile, John rejects Esther. He has no clue she is a grown woman with a birth defect. She appears as a child. Underneath her granny clothing are scars smothering her neck line and her wrists. The doctor speaks of the scars to Kate while Esther is removing her clothes and makeup to reveal a hideous looking adult. 

Esther is a crazy woman who burned a home with a family inside. She killed the family because the husband rejected her. John also rejected Esther. He tells Esther that he loves Kate and he could never feel this way about Esther. Of course, John lacks any information of Esther's past. She is not a little innocent girl. 

Essentially, The Orphan twist ending is that Esther is a dangerous 30 something woman that is the most violent patient the mental institute treated and that Kate;s family is in danger. 

Kate finally reaches the home. She finds her husband dead. Max is in danger. Kate falls through the glass and crushes Esther. The police inspect the home. Esther's whereabouts are unknown to them. 

Kate and Esther get into a scuffle on ice. Max attempts to shoot Esther. She had enough of this lying psycho. The bullets cracks a hole in the frozen lake, where Kate and Esther fall into the icy water. Kate swims up to the top. Esther grabs her leg, holding a knife behind her back. 

Kate already knows Esther is no child. Esther says mommy to Kate. Kate responds back with telling Esther you are not my daughter and kicks her jaw. Esther sinks to the bottom of the lake. 

We learn that Kate discover the truth about Esther, the mysterious Russian girl who is in fact a 30 something psycho woman with a dwarfism syndrome. She is highly dangerous, proving this in the mental institute. She burned down another home, killing entire family in the process. Esther is a manipulative psychopath. 

The Orphan twist ending will trick most moviegoers. They never suspect Esther is a grown woman. Her small frame conveys to many that she may be a devil girl rather than a 30 something woman who escaped a Ukrainian mental institute. The Orphan twist ending serves up a plot twist known as a discovery. As a result, the main protagonist discovers that Esther is a grown woman with psychotic tendencies. 

This Orphan twist ending finally finds closure, ultimately stopping a violent woman from wreaking havoc on vulnerable families. Esther finally meets her end at the bottom of a lake. Karma delivers the ultimate payback.