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The Dark Knight Rises twist ending

The Dark Knight Rises movie features a twist ending. It is one of those twist endings that serve up a shocker. The Dark Knight twist ending is making headlines for what is a major plot twist. If this twist ending is really the true fate of the most awesome superhero in comic books and movies, then Batman movies will never be the same.

We plan to watch The Dark Knight Rises tomorrow at midnight showing or this Friday to write a detailed twist ending. There are many TDKR spoilers surfacing on the web. We covered these spoilers on our other movie websites such as and

In every twist ending on this website, we watched the movie to discuss details that lead up to the twist. Our twist endings must be a first hand account of the movie to provide detailed twist ending explanations. We watch movies with a twist to give the viewers accurate content. As we suspect the twist ending is about Batman's fate, we cannot be so sure of the TDKR ending.

The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is ready with ending spoilers and the twist ending. If you want to skip to The Dark Knight Rises ending, you can visit and at your own risk. Down below, the TDKR twist ending with ending spoilers is available. We just watched The Dark Knight Rises movie. These are fact-driven spoilers to lead you into the twist ending. If you haven't watched The Dark Knight Rises, then beware we are serving up ending spoilers with the twist ending.

***The Dark Knight Rises twist ending***

Batman beats Bane to a pulp. He has no fear after passing the ultimate test of escaping the underground dungeon. It is believed that Bane is the child who escaped the dungeon. Bane is supposed to be battle tested to overcome any pain. 

Batman pounds Bane a few more time on his face to provoke him to speak. Even so, Batman knows better than believe Bane trusted another random person to hold the nuclear detonator. Miranda shows up. She sits next to Batman. 

Miranda stabs Batman in his abdomen. Batman is shocked. He doesn't understand what is going on. Miranda explains her story that Bane is not the child who escaped the underground dungeon. It was her that made the impossible climb out of the pit. Bane is her guardian. He fought to save her in the pit. 

Marion shares that she wants revenge for Batman killing her father Ra's Al Ghul. She has the detonator. Bruce Wayne trusted that she would help to protect the renewable energy generator. Instead, Marion double crossed him with reprogramming the nuclear bomb to explode. 

Bane seems to reminisce about watching over Miranda as a child. Miranda is saddened that her father rejected him. She reveals that she has the nuclear detonator. 

Marion attempts to detonate the nuclear bomb. Gordon temporarily diffuses the nuclear bomb to buy time. The nuclear bomb does not explode. She leaves Batman with Bane.

Marion tells the driver to fire at the police officer fighting the mercenaries. In the gun fire, Foley is shot and killed. The street is in utter chaos. Police officers are fighting to protect Gotham.  

A second after Bane is about to smash a wounded Batman, Selina fires a missile from the Bat bike at Bane, sending him projecting through the wall. Bane is dead. Batman is shocked that Selina returned to help him. 

Selina and Batman go after Miranda and the nuclear weapon. Selina maneuvers the Bat bike like a pro. Batman flies the Bat plane over the truck. 

Miranda crashes into a middle ramp and falls on the lower level. Gordon pops open the back door in one piece. Batman and Selina opens the front door. Miranda reveals to Batman the main power source is about to remote detonate the nuclear bomb. There is nothing anyone can do to deactivate it. 

Miranda speaks of revenge. She then dies. Batman rushes to his Bat plane. He attaches the nuclear bomb to the back. Selina attempts to stop Batman. She tells him he had a chance to leave with her. It is not his fight. She kissed Batman.

Gordon informs Batman he is a hero. He indicates he has no clue of his identity. Batman replies back that any person can become a hero. He shares that even a man who puts a coat on a young child is a hero. 

Batman flies off with the nuclear bomb. Gordon repeats to himself Bruce Wayne. He now knows Batman's true identity. 

By this point in time, the Miranda revelation is one twist ending that surprises the audience. Batman flies through the high rise buildings. The nuke taps against a light post. Batman is careful to not detonate the nuclear bomb in the city, as everyone in its path will ignite into ash. 

The orphan children on the bridge watch an explosion. a split second later, Batman flies with the nuclear bomb flailing behind the Bat plane. The orphans cheer. Blake is in shock. He knows the expected outcome. 

The Bat plane flies further out to the ocean with bomb timer winding down. Batman ponders his sacrifice, knowing without a doubt that this is his moral duty to save Gotham City and its citizens. His has a dim look planted on his face.

Blake watches the Bat plane, and then the nuclear bomb explodes. The explosions sends a bright flash across the horizon. Batman is dead. Blake fights back his emotions, almost wanting to cry but he holds back. He tosses his detective badge into the river below. The orphans are speechless, knowing that Batman, their role model, is dead. We never expect Batman to die. 

The city celebrate the victory. Blake overhears the Wayne Board read Bruce Wayne's last will and testament. He gives Alfred a portion of his fortune. Bruce leaves his home to the city program to operate, which will serve the orphans.

Gordon honors Bruce Wayne as a hero and as a person. Alfred feels the helpless, as admits failing the Wayne  parents for not protecting Bruce. 

Gordon attempts to convince Blake to remain on the force. Blake no longer has it in his heart to fight crime. He tells Gordon that Gotham will never know who really saved them. Gordon responds that they do, it was the Bat-man. 

Fox learns that Bruce Wayne inspected the energy device 6 months prior. He does not underestimate Bruce's intelligence. Gotham unveils an honorary statue of Batman to pay their respect to a fallen hero. 

The surprise twist is not here. In you remember Alfred's dream, he stated that he wants Bruce to be happy. He has tea at a cafe. Alfred looks over to the distant table to find a younger Bruce happy. 

In the movie ending, Alfred has a cup of tea. He looks across the way, discovering that Bruce and Selina are having lunch. Alfred could not be any happier than this price moment. Batman is alive! Bruce is not dead!  

Bruce nods and grins at Alfred. Alfred's dream is answered. He didn't fail the Wayne parents. Blake swings through a water door. We recognize this door as the Bat Cave. Blake stands on a rising platform. 

The twist ending is that we assume Batman dies in the nuclear explosion. He survives in the Bat plane. Then, Miranda reveals to Batman she is on a revenge mission to avenge her father's death. She works 3-years to gain Bruce and Fox's trust. At the right moment, she swoops in to take control of the Wayne company.

Miranda is the young child that makes the jump out of the pit. We were tricked into believing Bane lived a life of pain to become strong. It is Miranda that is the mastermind to destroy Gotham City. We never think that Bruce Wayne will appear in the movie end, as Alfred shared his story wanting the same exact moment to happen. 

The surprise ending is Bruce surviving and ending his legacy as Batman. And now we watch Blake enter the Bat Cave. where a platform rises underneath him. This last moment is left open for explanation. Nolan usually ends a movie in such a way as to make the moviegoers think. Many discussions will surround how Batman survived and what role Blake will assume in the future. 

The Dark Knight Rises twist is that Bruce planned his demise to honor Alfred's wishes. According to Fox's discovery, Bruce already made changes 6 months prior. Maybe these plans kept the Bat plane protected enough to escape the initial blast. We never see him escape from the distant view. 

Bruce's will gave Alfred a piece of his fortune. He provided a safe haven for the orphans. In the final sequence, Bruce's grin conveyed to Alfred that I listen to my dearest friend to retire and enjoy my life. Bruce managed to leave on a good note that involved saving Gotham, honor Alfred's wishes, and to learn about Rachel's true feelings for Harvey Dent. At the cafe, we see him with Selina. Blake is assuming some major role. The Bat Cave platform rises from underneath him to movie end credits. 

The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is full of twists, surprises and turns. We are treated to a Miranda revelation. We think Batman is dead. In most of the film, we assume he refused to listen. In the movie ending, Bruce even honors Selina with surviving his sacrificial mission to leave with her.

Decent twist ending in The Dark Knight Rises. Some movie viewers may find the plot twist bad or hard to follow. We never see how Batman survives the nuclear explosion. Can the Bat plane flight far enough to dispose of the nuclear bomb?

In nuclear weapon tests before the Nuclear Ban Test Treaty in 1963, nuclear explosions on water would affect fishing crew ships hundreds of miles out. We did hear the orphan program director mention this is an atom bomb to Blake. We plan to discuss movie explanations at Thanks!   

The end!      

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