Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises twist

The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is complex to decipher, especially when using a simple eye. After combing over the Dark Knight Rises ending several times, we think the Batman twist ending involves a few characters. As you may already know, movie endings can last up to 20 minutes. What is The Dark Knight Rises twist ending really about?

***Dark Knight Rises spoilers***

The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is a two-part scene. Alfred sees Bruce Wayne with Selina Kyle at an Italian cafe. What this scene Alfred's dreaming about Bruce Wayne's happiness? Are we supposed to believe Batman survived the atomic blast because of an autopilot fix 6 months prior to the atomic end? 

Should we believe Bruce Wayne planned the final outcome? He knew to fix the autopilot 6 months ago to fly the atomic bomb out to the sea. In the Miranda backstab scene, Batman wanted the remote detonator. He pounded Bane's face a few times to get him to speak. Why would Batman fix the autopilot 6 months ago? 

We would rather hear that Superman saved Batman in the midst of the atomic blast. The autopilot fix is so weak an argument that discussing this reveal as a possible plot device is irrelevant to the twist ending. No way Batman survives the atomic end. Alfred is dreaming about Bruce Wayne being happy. Maybe Alfred died in his sleep, which the Italian Cafe is his last wish.   

The real The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is the rise of another major character. John Blake retrieves a mystery bag from the Wayne's lawyers. He reveals his name to be John "Robin" Blake. In the bag, Blake is given coordinates to a distant location. 

Inside a cave with a waterfall protecting the entrance, Blake swings in and lands in the shallow water. He scans what we now know as the Bat Cave. We see a platform rise John "Robin" Blake up. A new hero is rising in John "Robin" Blake becoming Nightwing. 

The Dark Knight Rises twist ending is another new hero rising to protect Gotham City. Enter John Blake as Nightwing!