Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 10 movies with Twist Endings and Flashbacks to reveal twist

Movies with twist endings are clever. The best twist endings in movies reveal the plot twist in a flashback. 2012 is the twist ending year in the movie box office. Movies with a twist that use flashbacks enable movie viewers to understand the plot twist.

Twist endings are designed to keep viewers on edge until the surprise ending. M. Night Shyamalan is known as Mr. Twist Ending for serving up plot twists with flashbacks. Want to watch movies with a twist that have flashbacks? 

The following movies with twist endings have flashbacks to explain the plot twist: 
  1. The Sixth Sense (Bruce Willis is a ghost - flashback gunshot scene is shown from opening)
  2. Signs (flashback of mother telling Graham that Merrill needs to swing - kills Alien)
  3. The Uninvited (flashback of Anna accidentally knocking down lamp that causes her mother and sister to die)
  4. Shutter Island (flashback of Teddy's wife drowning the kids and discovering he killed his wife - is a patient rather than a current U.S. Marshall)
  5. Fight Club (Flashback shows Taylor is one person that has two alter egos) 
  6. Passengers (Flashback of Claire in the doomed plane about to crash - she learns she died in plane crash)
  7. Intruders (flashback of Juan seeing his father die, thus Hollowface is discovered as John's psychological creation - a hallucination with shared hereditary psychic abilities) 
  8. Gothika (Flashback of Miranda murdering her husband - discovers he rapes and kills women with a best friend who is a cop)
  9. The Ring (Flashback of how Samara died in the end, but wait a minute! After being put to rest, she kills Rachel's Noah and father of Aidan)
  10. Saw movies (flashbacks - infamous torture porn movies end with Jigsaw setting up the events that lead to doom)


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