Saturday, September 22, 2012

House at the End of the Street twist ending

House at the end of the street twist ending resembles Sleepaway Camp. We sense the movie ending will serve up an identical twist. The psychological thriller builds up tension to release a good twist that explains the motivation driving the plot.

Moviegoers are given enough clues to understand the twist ending. Good twist endings are predicted or are shocking revelations that answer the inciting incident. The inciting incident is revealed in the first 5 minutes of the movie with a murder.

We want to learn more about the murder. The twist ending explains the inciting incident. if you haven't watched House at the End of the Street yet, then beware the twist ending is shown below.

***Movie Spoiler***

Elissa shoots Ryan. He falls to the ground. She draws closer to Ryan. While Elissa carefully searches Ryan's pockets, he grabs a hold of her wrist. Sarah whacks Ryan on the side of his head with a mallet. He drops to the ground, supposedly dead from the gunshot wounds and the head trauma. 

The plot points prior to this basement scene reveal that Ryan is more than just a victim. He accidentally kills a girl we think is his sister Carrie Anne. While trying to silence the girl, Ryan breaks her neck on accident. In the movie ending, Ryan replaces Carrie Anne with another Penn State college girl. 

Elissa finds blue contact lenses in the garbage can. She remembers that Carrie Anne has natural blue eyes. The college girl is a Carrie Anne replacement to fill Ryan's need to connect with his deceased sister. He never recovered from Carrie Anne's death. The twist ending is ready to deal out the shock.  

Elissa and Sarah are moving out of their home. We feel the House at the End of the Street will end. A psychiatric institute is shown in plain sight. We enter a dark room. Ryan sits there quiet. We know then he survived the head trauma and the gunshot wounds. 

We see a flashback of a little girl sitting at a table. The mother tells the young girl Carrie Anne happy birthday. The little girl says I'm Ryan. Thus, the mother slaps him and tell him to shut up because he is Carrie Anne. 

The twist ending is that Carrie Anne never murdered her parents. Ryan accidentally pushed his sister too hard on the swings and she endured fatal head trauma. Ryan's punishment was to replace Carrie Anne. Ryan got tired of living as Carrie Anne that he murdered his parents. 

House at the End of the Street does a good job to conceal the twist ending. We get a few clues to put the plot pieces together. House at the End of the Street delivers a clever twist ending to explain the opening scene. We realize that Carrie Anne died as a young child. As a result, Ryan was forced to accept punishment to live as Carrie Anne. The flashbacks convey the reason he is out of his mind.