Friday, October 12, 2012

Sinister twist ending

Sinister features an awesome twist ending. The plot is designed to give clues of the twist. 2012 is the year good metaphysical movies with twist endings. Ethan Hawke plays a great author that stumbles upon a box of Super 8. The twist ending in Sinister is not your typical happy ending. If you haven't watched Sinister yet, beware we will be revealing the twist ending.

***Movie Spoiler***

The Sinister twist ending is unpredictable. We see the Oswalt family exit their home as quickly as possible. Ellison realizes his book plan - moving a home involved in a murder scene - backfired on the family. 

Deputy So-and-So (name Ellison gives him) attempts to call Ellison throughout the day. Ellison ignores the Deputy's call several times, albeit he takes his call. There is a pattern to the murders. Every family lived in the same homes, so there is a pattern to the murders.  

If you remember back to the various footage, there is a camera following the murders. The families were usually helpless, unknowingly meeting their impending death in different ways. The twist ending is that every missing child in these cases committed the murders. Pagan deity Baghul, the eater of children, possessed the child to kill their family. 

Ellison rediscovers the movie box again. He is shocked to see a box he torched at his previous home. He finds an envelope with split film ends. This film ends given an explanation to the murders. Baghul possessed the missing children, who are each responsible for killing their families.

Ashley is the final piece to the puzzle. She poisons her father. In the dining area, Ashley ties up her family. Ellison is helpless. Ashely drags an ax in one hand, and a film camera in another. She butchers her entire family. The missing children show up on the film footage. 

Baghul appears behind Ashley. He picks her up and the two enter the film screen. Sinister twist ending conveys that Baghul possessed the missing children from the previous murders. These children filmed the murders. The catch is the children committed the murders with a lawn mower, fire, hanging, and then finally an ax. 

Ashley draws a picture of her family chopped up in pieces. She tells her father that she will make him famous again. He is longing to find his groove again after writing a best selling crime book. Baghul possessed the children to murder their families. The children committed the murder while filming their insidious act.

Ellison and his family die. There are no survivors. The last remaining child killers are consumed in the film. Baghul is an evil Pagan demon that recruits the children to carry out his evil plan. 

Sinister conveys a cycle that keeps repeating itself. The next family will discover the same movie box. They will watch the film. In the end, one child will murder them.     

Great twist ending to end an awesome horror movie. Sinister is a movie well worth watching this weekend.