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Intruders movie with a twist

Publication date: 4/5/2012

Intruders is a new psychological thriller movie with a twist. In the movie ending, there is a plot twist in the resolution to explain the plot design. We reiterate many points to ensure you understand the twist ending. If you haven't watched Intruders, don't read any further.

***Movie Spoiler***

In Spain, the Intruders movie opens with a young boy Juan having nightmares about Hollowface, a monster with no face. The story shifts to England, following John and his family in modern time (the time is not revealed until the movie end). We believe the two Hollowface incidents are isolated events. However, the twist ending explains the plot design. 

The psychology thriller features a movie twist. We have a plot design that is constructed to show two parallel stories. There is a major connection between Juan and John. Juan as a child is actually John as an adult. Mia is John's daughter, also a victim of Hollowface. John and Mia share a hereditary psychic connection.

John's suppressed memories resurface. He believes in the same intruder that he created as a child. John forgets about his past childhood experience, only reminded again when Mia experiences the wrath of Hollowface. The therapist office informs John that his daughter is hallucinating because she has a congential, psychic connection with him. John discovers the truth once Mia passes him a paper with his Hollowface childhood story. 

The reemergence of Hollowface causes John to hallucinate. Therefore, the parallel story is fabricated to build suspense and retain interest. As previously mentioned, John and his daughter share a psychic connection. Reading the Hollowface story influences Mia to believe in the monster.

Hollowface is disguised as a monster to help viewers understand the course of post traumatic stress disorder as well as show the effect that suppressed emotions and fears have on the mind. John's childhood memories resurface again when Mia experiences trauma attributed to Hollowface.

The plot is easy to explain; however, post traumatic stress disorder and psychological disorders are complex to evaluate. Whereas we may understand psychological illnesses, people can easily become confused with Hollowface, both the parallel story and twist ending. It is a clever plot design to show two stories that are linked together, occurring at different periods of time.    

Brief recap: Juan is John. John's mom relocated to England to escape her unforgivable sin - hiding the death of Juan's father in Spain. Whereas the priest keeps trying to investigate Juan's nightmares, the mother realizes he will eventually uncover the death of John's biological father.

Juan creates Hollowface to deal with his father's death. Sleep paralysis is also know to create hallucinations. While experiencing sleep paralysis, a dreamer is subject to experiencing their dreams in the real world. Visit to read more about sleep paralysis. The consciousness researcher indicates a Hollow Face apparition that is know to appear in the sleep paralysis state.

Through creative storytelling, the father is transformed into Hollowface to cope with the trauma. We see Hollowface attempt to abduct Juan and assault the mother. The twist ending shows a flashback of the mother telling Juan to not help his father. As a result, the father falls off the ledge to his death. The Hollowface monster is a fabricated spirit. John asks his mother to help him save Mia from experiencing his past trauma.   

Intruders is a movie with a twist, a psychological thriller disguised as a horror movie. The Hollowface monster is revealed as a plot twist to explain unresolved trauma, hereditary psychic connection and possibly the effects of sleep paralysis.   

In the film ending, Hollowface is discovered to be John's father. He spent his childhood years dealing with Hollowface. suppressing PTSD associated with watching his father trying to abduct him, assaulting his mother, and falling off the ledge to his death. As a small child, Juan never got the professional help he required to seek proper therapeutic intervention.  

In essence, John's biological father was released from jail. He attempted to abduct his son Juan. In result, Juan and the mother watch the father fall off the ledge and into a cement/soil grave. The mom refused to confess to the priest about the traumatic event that caused Juan to experience bad nightmares (night terrors). She goes along with the story, a choice she makes to help her son deal with the trauma. 

Watch the Intruders movie to see the plot twist unfold. Psychological movies with a twist are entertaining to watch since moviegoers must piece together the clues to discover the truth. Is this article too confusing? Do you still have questions about Intruders? Please share your comments and concerns below. Thank you.  



  1. Replies
    1. The twist at the end is that Hollowman is conjured up through psychological tricks. The father and daughter both have similar conditions that mirror one another.

      The twist is that John is Juan as a kid. His father who got released from jail tried to take him. The mother and him watched the father fall off the balcony to his death. She may have convinced her son that Hollowman existed as a way to block this trauma of his father dying.

      Hollowman is a fake boogeyman. The daughter was able to create an illusion of Hollowman through reading her father's journals, which she didn't know belonged to him.


  2. It's enjoyable to learn more and more from your blog. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Love it! Very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful.

  4. Thanks for this, I just watched the movie and was totally confused. I loved the movie though, great build up and suspense!!

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