Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Gallows twist ending

The Gallows is a new horror movie about a fictional high school reopening its controversial "The Gallows" play 22 years after a young boy, Charlie, got hanged in the climatic ending. This supernatural thriller infused Blair Witch Project techniques into its plot to woo horror fans into movie theaters. The Gallows delivered a modest opening weekend on a $22 million production budget.

Did you know The Gallows features a good twist ending? If you haven't watched The Gallows, then avoid reading this movie spoiler.


***The Gallows twist ending***

As we know, Reese's father Rick called in sick and Charlie was called upon to finish The Gallows play. The spirit of Charlie takes revenge to murder Rick's offspring, Reese.

Charlie is on a revenge mission to tie up all loose ends. His soul choked the life out of Ryan and Cassidy. Reese is so close to escaping this possessed school; however, his promise to protect Pfeifer draws him back into the play that must go on.

The spotlight shines down on Reese and Pfeifer. Reese is anything but bad in this revival role, the same climatic ending that took Charlie's life in 1993. He recites his lines like a Shakespearian. actor. Pfeifer counters these poetic lines with a somber sympathetic touch, confessing her love for Augustus.

The two tragic performers both share a passionate kiss. A second spotlight illuminates the gallows. Reese bravely walks up wooden stairs. He loosens the rope, and then fastens it around his neck.

We see Charlie repositioning the rope around Reese's neck. At this moment, we sense Reese will experience the same fate as Charlie. Reese pleads to Pfeifer to leave now.

In a powerful trance, Pfeifer remains in character. She refers to Reese as Augustus. He begs her to stop acting and leave. The anticipation of the hanging intensifies us. Finally, the platform drops and Reese falls to his death. His limp body swings back and forth.

Pfeifer bows to an empty audience. The supernatural Charlie holds her hand. All of a sudden, a mysterious guest is clapping. We discover that Charlie's girlfriend is in attendance to celebrate The Gallows finale. She gives Pfeifer a standing ovation.

Police enter Charlie's girlfriend's home. The officers search for the suspects who killed three high school students. One officer finds Charlie's girlfriend combing Pfeifer's hair. On a television set, the 1993 version of The Gallows is playing. The two women are under a deep trance.

The officer begins to show fear, realizing there is an eerie connection between these women and Charlie. He calls for backup, but his partner is pulled up to the hallway ceiling. He yells out Charlie.

Pfeifer tells the officer you shouldn't say his name. Charlie appears out of nowhere. He kills the officer.

The Gallows twist ending is that Pfeifer convinced the school to reopen The Gallows play. She lured Reese into playing Augustus, an insidious plan to make him pay for his father's mistake.

The final reveal is that Pfeifer is Charlie's daughter. The girlfriend and her daughter join forces to avenge Charlie's death.


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  2. If Charlie died 20 years prior, and is Pheifer's father, is Pheifer a 20 year-old high school student?

  3. So no one thinks that it's odd that Pheifer is a 20 or 22 year old high school senior?

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